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UCD Comprehensive Review Q's... E/C NOT FACTORED?!

karuptkarupt 275 replies42 threads Member
~ Completion of academic preparation and enrichment programs (250 or 500 pts)
- What exactly is this? I'm in a program called the Academy of Finance which focuses on financial studies, i'm also in a college course at city college, and I took a career training course int he summer. Does any of these count? How many points do you tihnk I would have?

~First generation of university attendance (250 pts)
- My mom only got an AA degree... UCSD willl give you half points for that, but UCD doesn't offer half points, do I get full 250 points?

~Demonstrated leadership promise (250 or 500 pts)
- Leader of a really small, private piano teacher's ensemble that played only during the recitals. Does this even count?

~Marked improvement in 11th grade (250 pts)
-Okay, this is REALLY weird for me, just bare with me. My Sophomore sem. grades are 3.8 / 3.0.... My Junior sem. grades are: 3.1 / 3.8... TECHNICALLY it is improvement, will I get pts?

~One or more special (extraordinary) talents (125 or 250 pts)
- Again, this is weird for me. In my essay, I talk about starting my own online business and investment in the stock market... will they even look at this? Will they give me poitns for this?


I'm REALLY on the borderline of admission, if cut-off rate stays at 7510 pts, can someone tell me if I'd get any of the points listed above, and if so, how many?

Also, how come volunteer hours and ECs aren't given any notice? Will they factor it in nonetheleast or is the admission COMPLETELY based on their given comprehensive review formula. Because i have over 300 hours of community service and had an internship with a fortune 5 company... but it seems that they don't even notice it in their CR.
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Replies to: UCD Comprehensive Review Q's... E/C NOT FACTORED?!

  • PointZeroPointZero 144 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I think your three hundred hours of community service and intership with the fortune 500 company falls under special (extraordinary) talents. I'm surprised, last year Davis didn't even show this point system.
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