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Chances-Preety plzzzzzzzz!!!!

titanium909titanium909 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
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What are my chances???

Nepalese....applying for aid and lots of it
Graduated as top 5% of my high schoool(extremely competitive high school, accepts around 350 students from a potential pool of 4,000)

SAT~CR:690, Maths:650, Writing:670
SAT2~Maths 2c:800, Physics:800, Chemistry:750

Recommendations:quite good but not top notch, got a few one of the ever encountered
Essays:so-so to mediocre

a)CGA (Computer, Graphics and Arts) club, St.Xavier
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Replies to: Chances-Preety plzzzzzzzz!!!!

  • titanium909titanium909 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    a)CGA (Computer, Graphics and Arts) club, St.Xavier’s
    Founding member/vice-president; Organizer and program coordinator of the first ever “Intra college web page designing” competition; Organized several socials, honor programs, social get together, career expos, anti pollution campaigns, peace programs; Recently organized the first ever "Inter College web page designing competition"

    b)Kalanki Nagarik Samaj
    Founding member of the Kalanki Nagarik Samaj, a non political organization located at Kalanki – a ward in Kathmandu, established for the rehabilitation of injured victims during the People’s Revolution of 2006; Currently working as a social organization to promote awareness in youths and conducting anti drug campaigns

    c)Union for Innovation (U.f.I)
    Executive member and Head of Public Relations; Organized a winter camp to counsel orphans and get them enrolled into schools(made supervisor for this camp); setup small sessions to provide information for youths on abroad studies

    d)Gurusewa Ashram
    Honored and appreciated by the Gurusewa Ashram; Member and Volunteer; Volunteered in several relief activities for Tsunami victims, Earthquake victims and victims of the 10 year civil war (although now over);Conducted several awareness raising activities; Mobilized and distributed various herbal medicines to the people suffering from chronic diseases

    e)Green Camp Nepal
    Volunteer for the Green Camp Nepal, IUCN member; Helped establish eco clubs in several secondary schools; Represented Nepal and Green Camp Nepal in the Millennium International Children’s Conference on the Environment (see below)

    f)Millennium International Children’s Conference on the Environment
    Participated in the Millennium International Children’s Conference on the Environment, organized by UNEP, held in Eastbourne, England

    g)Nepal Red Cross society
    Member and Volunteer; Volunteered at several Blood donation camps, eye camps, afforestation programs, religious holidays; Volunteered to improve health and sanitation situations in schools

    h)Rotary club
    Member and Volunteer at the “Home for the Elderly”; Distributed food items and blankets to the elderly people; Volunteered and participated at the annual festival organized by these elderly people

    Nepal Cultural Association
    Member and volunteer; Organized, Volunteered and monitored several essay competitions

    i)SAATH, St.Xavier’s
    Organized SAATH (Social service, Awareness raising and Advocacy for Tranquility and Humanity) event, an event organized to support HIV AIDS victims; Volunteered during the World AIDS Day

    j)SET council, St.Xavier’s
    Participated in the 10th SET exhibition organized by the SET council - Surveyed and conducted an extensive research on child labors -child vehicle conductors; Donated blood at the 11th SET exhibition organized by the SET council

    Sports activities:
    Member and volunteer for the Kalika Mahabir Sports club (Organized several sports competition- low key football competition and junior badminton competition; Participated in many sports competitions notably Badminton, Cricket, Basketball and Soccer; third prize at the junior badminton competition) ;Third prize during Xavier’s day table tennis ; Participated in Xavier’s day football, basketball, cricket, and chess ; Captained football side at Xavier’s day football ; Vice captain of cricket team during Xavier’s day

    ..........some awards won-2 essay comps, 1 science fair(third)

    Work Experiences:
    The New Summit School
    Taught secondary level mathematics and science; Worked for 6 periods per week/ 1 period=45 minutes

    The Spangle Boarding School
    Taught secondary level mathematics and science; Worked for 18 periods per week/ 1 period=45 minutes; Also assisted in Extra curricular activities and formation of new clubs

    I am applying to the folowing schools
    Colby, Lafayette, Trinity, Occidental, Carleton, Furman, Macalester, Reed, Skidmore, Union, Wash U(deferred ed1 but sent supp materials), Kenyon, Whitman, Grinnell, Dickinson, Franklin and Marshall, DePauw, Oberlin, Sewanee, Gettysburg, Harvey Mudd, Bowdoin
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  • bralleyjbralleyj 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I attend Grinnell and we are always looking for qualified international students. It seems as though your credentials are enough to get you into a good majority of your schools, though you may want to narrow your list down a little. Speaking for Grinnell, I think you should apply here and really consider coming. We have a large portion of international students and we are always looking for more. We also have a very large endowment that would facilitate possible financial aid options for qualified international students.
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  • sriharifezsriharifez 376 replies38 threads Member
    Youre in at reed. Your ec's are fantastic, and may compensate for your essays.
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  • titanium909titanium909 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Grinnell has a quota system for Nepalese.they only accept one Nepales and i doubt that i will be the person.........i hope i get in at reed.......reed is my dream college
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