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Lack of Attendance

Todd@[email protected] 128 replies28 threads Junior Member
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If you miss a lot of days during your senior year in high school, can a college deny you enrollment? lol.. I've missed 4-5 days every nine weeks. I know there is a common sense answer.. however, I am curious, how many days do you think someone could miss before they'd question their committment to school?
And to the seniors, how many days have you missed this year? or are you striving for perfect attendance?
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Replies to: Lack of Attendance

  • anoviceanovice 1301 replies75 threads Senior Member
    I think it depends on the grades you are able to maintain and the reasons why you're missing school.

    I miss quite a bit of school, maybe 5-6 days a semester, but it is for medical reasons. I go to the doctor every other friday and it has to be in the morning so miss school. I work everything out with my teachers so it isn't a big deal, but on my transcript it still marks my absences.
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  • Camus23Camus23 152 replies16 threads Junior Member
    I missed five weeks. I had mono though.
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  • plagmayerplagmayer 254 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I have only missed 1 day since elementary school, and that was only because i had a back injury in 8th grade and coundn't get out of bed that day. I just don't get sick.
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  • COols875COols875 358 replies24 threads Member
    I'm missing more than usual this year, but those days are all with good reasons (and all teachers are understanding except for one... who doesn't really matter. I say that it is not fair to get the same teacher twice!! Especially after the first year was hell enough!!!)
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