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bunny27bunny27 225 replies55 threads Junior Member
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Anyone know which one BC cares about more?
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Replies to: SAT/ACT vs GPA

  • ScottypottyScottypotty 292 replies13 threads Junior Member
    i really don't know... i got in w/ a high gpa and ok test scores... i would say both are very important.
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  • metfan2121metfan2121 359 replies29 threads Member
    pretty much all schools stress course load/gpa
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  • SFeagle415SFeagle415 25 replies16 threads Junior Member
    while of course both your gpa and test scores are important, i can tell you about my personal experience with BC. i had a good GPA but my SAT scores werent that great. i took the test three times and it didnt really change. that was the one thing i was scared about but i still got in. im am NOT saying, sat scores dont matter to them, but in my personal experience i got in with low scores. good luck
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  • dani1011dani1011 40 replies1 threads Junior Member
    haha i don't know. i'm pretty bitter, so you may not want to take what i say to heart. but it seems like they basically only care about test scores. i'm in the top 3% of my class at a semi-private high school. 4 years of every single subject in high school. 5's on ap calculus, ap us history, ap physics, ap modern euro, and ap english. captain of xc. chaired 13 events for student council in high school. 300+ hours of community service. i got into every other school (including my reaches like middlebury, but waitlisted at bc)

    my unweighted GPA is a 4.0
    my SATs were 2040
    my ACTS were a 31

    ahh i really don't get it.
    it was my first choice, too.
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  • bunny27bunny27 225 replies55 threads Junior Member
    Oh man that's insane. If I'm not mistaken I've seen people with much worse stats than you get in. Weird.
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  • beanieboobeanieboo 707 replies11 threads Member
    my cum gpa was not great at all so i was surprised that i got into bc at all.. i thought they would stress the gpa more but i guess they liked my 1460 or maybe it was the huge upward trend.

    i guess either way if you are strong in one area, it could compensate for the other
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  • padfootpadfoot 682 replies23 threads Member
    My friend got into Berkeley, USC, NYU, and get this...Harvard.
    And she was waitlisted at BC (along with columbia, brown)
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