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Kunfuzed101 is here to answer you ?'s about medical school admission in Pakistan.


Replies to: Kunfuzed101 is here to answer you ?'s about medical school admission in Pakistan.

  • kunfuzed101kunfuzed101 633 replies128 threads Member
    As I mentioned in the previous post, Pakistan does not operate nor does it have a "accelerated medical program" that would allow you to skip the first two years. Unless however, you transferred from a medical college in the states or some recognized medical school abroad then I believe they would, however considering Pharmacy is a somewhat of a different field than medicine, I doubt that they would let you do this. You'll have to complete the entire 5 year M.B.B.S. duration in Pakistan, unless you fit the statement I made earlier.
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  • ayeshaj786ayeshaj786 4 replies0 threads New Member
    thx kunfused for yur reply ... but plz tell me now that where abroad can i get admission , in which university and that medical school also be recognized by pmdc and (any website for that medical school) ......waitng 4 de reply........tcz
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  • kunfuzed101kunfuzed101 633 replies128 threads Member

    If you follow this link, you will be directed to a site that lists all of the recognized institutions/medical schools in Pakistan. Some schools have websites, most others do not. Just look up the school that you would be interested in and google the name to see if a website exists. Most private medical colleges will however have websites along with public medical colleges such as King Edward and Aga Khan. Normally I would advise you to talk to someone from the Pakistan Embassy or Consulate in your area (I'm guessing you live in the U.S.).
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  • ayeshaj786ayeshaj786 4 replies0 threads New Member
    from recognized medical colleges i meant to ask .... the medical schools in uk , usa or in other countries .. i f i do accelerated course outside from pakistan means from abroad medical schools can u tell me those medical schools (not pk medical colleges) from which i do accelerated mbbs then pmdc will allow me to practice in pakistan????? e.g newcastle medical school uk offers 4 years mbbs after graduation in medical sciences... will pk pmdc allow me to practice in pakistan after doing that???? in canada there is only 4 years duration of MD( medicine doctor).................

    and i am PAKISTANI living in MY PAKISTAN......hope u understand wot i mean to say..........sorry to bother u again and again...... may ALLAH bless u...
    (what do u do ? studying medicine?)
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  • kunfuzed101kunfuzed101 633 replies128 threads Member
    From what I know, all medical schools in the United States are recognized. You can refer to the World Health Organization or IMED websites for that information. I apologize, but there are simply to many schools to list at this very moment in this post. However, in the U.K. I can tell you as well that you need to be very careful, there are some institutions that may not be recognized, and yet may still be operating. I'm not a resident of the U.K., and therefore I do not have adequate knowledge in helping you in that area. It seems as if you want to transfer from a pakistani medical school and complete your duration abroad, and after completion you want to come back to pakistan to practice correct? Transferring from a medical school in Pakistan to one in the United States is RARE and I have not seen in done in the past and moreso, I doubt that they would take you in given your educational status, U.S. requirements are indeed more strict than any other country in the world. However, there are some medical schools in the Britain that are willing to take in a limited amount of transfer students from other recognized medical schools, but I have been told that this process is highly selective. And thank you for your blessings and no, I am no longer studying medicine.
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  • umercpakumercpak 3 replies0 threads New Member

    I am going to be graduating next year 2008 from high school. I have a 3.75 unweighted g.p.a and a 4.23 weighted and probably rank in the top 10% of my class of 450. Over the last 3 years I have taken as many diff. and challenging courses as I was permitted to.
    Of the sciences I have taken biology, Ap biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental science and lastly forensics science. I have got A's in all except for AP bio (which I got a B in). I have also been able to participate and conduct a research with a doctor from NIH in Bethasda, MD. ( Low level but still a cool experience; it was an extension of my ap bioloy class. independent research)

    Over the last couple of years I have come across a couple of guys who went to med. school in pakistan, some even directly from high school. Anyways because of this my parents have also wanted me to look into this. I could probably get into any of the state colleges/universities here with possibly some sort of scholarship money, and most probably I woundnt have to pay much for undergrad here since I should be able to get a merit based scholarship and and some need based finance. I wouldnt really consider myself to be all that smart, if anything maybe a hard worker. I am in National honors society at my HS and also in the AP scholars program which the college board runs. Students who have taken 6 or more AP classes over their high school careers and have received an average of 3.25 on all tests are given this recog.( Ive heard college admission officers here recognize alot especially since it shows the williness to work harder and rigor of course load)

    And now finally the question lol. Do you think I have a chance of getting into a gov. med. school in pakistan and if so possibly which ones... I have not been back to pakistan since 10 years now..but in no way was I raised as spoiled kid here in America, and if I go back i think after a couple of weeks I should not have a problem. Your honest opinions will be very much appreciated as I am just tying to open up more options for myself. Thank you in advance Kunfuzed101 . thanks for reading and sorry for the long post

    o yea my last question...Is the SAT I required for all public medical schools in pakistan. I knw of some guys from here that went based on the IBCC. I might be wrong. Anyways, to me after reading this thread it seems like the SAT I is required for all public med. schools. Correct me if I am wrong
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  • kunfuzed101kunfuzed101 633 replies128 threads Member
    Well umer, it seems like you've been giving it your all this year in high school. Considering that you made bascially all "A's" in your science based classes, I think that you definetly have the grades (and ambition). The only obstacle that may be hindering your chance of getting in is the fact that admission in pakistan for foreign students like yourself is based on a "quota system," meaning unlike here in the U.S. where if you got the grades then your're automatically accepted into any college, in Pakistan however there are a limited number of seats for foreign students. Thereby meaning for instance there may be only 100 seats available total out of all the public medical colleges and 1000 or more foreign applicants from around the world all competing for a seat among the 100 limit. As the process goes, those whose IBCC scores rests along (for example) the maximum scale of 1100 are considered for the top public medical schools in Pakistan like King Edward, Allama Iqbal and so forth. These days anything below a 800 will not get you in. That was the standard when I applied back in 2005, hence there is more competition as the years progress. So if you're IBCC score is along the 850 to 900, then I think you're in a good position, the higher the better obviously.

    As for the SAT, that does help. But I took the ACT so I doubt that that would be a criteria. However, if your applying for admission in a private medical college (not public) then yes, you should take it. For instance, you must have taken the MCAT or SAT to even be considered for Aga Khan Medical College. Even for that I believe there is a minimum score that you must obtain, to even qualify for admission. Primarily for government/public medical schools, your IBCC score is what will determine if you get in or not.

    You mentioned in your post that you did some research with an M.D., although experience is always a benefit, in this scenario, the commitee will not even be interested in any extracurricular work, just your IBCC score. When I applied, I submitted a portfolio with all my accomplishments and recognitions and the Admissions committee would not even look at it or accept it. They were primarily concerned with my IBCC score. So if I haven't emphasized the importance of your IBCC score, let me reiterate the fact that this measurement will determine your acceptance or rejection.

    As for naming possible medical schools, I really can't do that considering I don't know your IBCC score. You will however, be given the option of listing 6 choices of the schools that you would be interested in, but that will in no way guarantee if you actually get into the school of your choice. Case in point: say I list Nishtar Medical College as my top choice and my score is 890. Say the college has 12 foreign seats available (not the exact number) and there are 14 candidates that have a higher score than me, then those 12 out of 14 will get into Nishtar if that was their first choice. If this sounds confusing I apologize, I believe your friends would be better at clarifying the process.

    Good luck, and I hope I answered your questions.
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  • h87h87 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello Kunfuzed, I have few questions regarding private medical colleges in Lahore for a student applying on a foreign Seat.

    1. If the student did not appear for SAT1 and SAT 2. Can he give private medical colleges entrance test to suffice the SAT requirement?

    2. IF incase he's not able to give either the SAT or entrance test. Can he submit the scores of MCAT for admission consideration. MCat which is conducted in lahore somwhere in October.

    This question is specifically for CMH lahore and FMH. If you have any other info for a foreign student applying in these 2 schools it would be appreciated.

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  • kunfuzed101kunfuzed101 633 replies128 threads Member
    To answer your question in the simplest terms:

    1. yes

    2. yes,I believe.
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  • arsalan107arsalan107 3 replies0 threads New Member
    hey kunfuzed i wanted to know if pakistan allows domestic tranfers between universities. i was able to aquire an international seat at LMDC. i wanted to know if i could transfer to AKU after the first year. i didnt know have enough time to prepare for the requirements for AKU. let me know if it is possible to transfer medical skools. thank you.
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  • arsalan107arsalan107 3 replies0 threads New Member
    hey kunfuzed101 i wanted to know if i could transfer from one medical college to another in pakistan. right now i m goin to be attending my first year at LMDC. i want to tranfer into the second year at AKU, is that possible to do. please let me know as soon as possible.
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  • arsalan107arsalan107 3 replies0 threads New Member
    hey kunfuzed i wanted to know if pakistan allows domestic tranfers between universities. i was able to aquire an international seat at LMDC. i wanted to know if i could transfer to AKU after the first year. i didnt know have enough time to prepare for the requirements for AKU. let me know if it is possible to transfer medical skools. thank you
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  • kunfuzed101kunfuzed101 633 replies128 threads Member
    Good question, to be honest with you I really don't know. My best guess would be that it would be difficult to accept you especially if you're transferring from a private medical college. I have however, heard of a few cases where some medical students have transferred from one government medical college in sindh to a government medical college in Punjab, that is given the principal or head of your medical school grants your request.
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  • UmmnuhhUmmnuhh 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello all,

    I need some serious advice. Right now, I am in a really well-known, competitive, state university. It's my first semester here as a freshman and I was contemplating on whether I should go to Aga Khan University next year. Obviously my parents have thought about this decision as well since it saves time and money. But the thing is, I only took the ACTs in high school (didn't bother with the SATS) and I was a really good student then, with a GPA of 3.5. However, now im in college and I haven't really received any grades yet, but I was wondering how the process would work if I wanted to transfer to AKU. What would the chances be? Would any of my credits or anything transfer or be taken into account for? should I even consider going at all? How do I apply and when is the deadline?
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  • kunfuzed101kunfuzed101 633 replies128 threads Member
    College credits would not transfer unless you actually graduated from college and recieved a degree.

    Given that you're fresh out of high school, you would have to apply as a high school student.

    Applying to Aga Khan would require that you take the SAT, unfortunately ACT scores will not be accepted.

    Aga Khan has a seperate deadline, as I am aware. So you should refer to their website for more information.
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  • zaindarzaindar 1 replies0 threads New Member
    my question: I just finished giving an exam in Malaysia which is equivalent to A-Level. It's called STPM. There were four subjects. General Studies, Maths, Chemistry and Biology. You would notice there's no Physics.

    Now, I would like to apply for a private medical college in Pakistan which I guess mostly require physics too. Since I didn't really do well in Chemistry in that exam too, I am thinking of doing SAT. Which one I should do? SAT 1 or SAT 11 in Chemistry, Biology, maths and physics? Which SAT is equivalent to A-Levels?
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  • daudm15daudm15 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Salam alaikum Kunfuzed 101,

    Im gonna be short and to the point.

    My age is 21
    I graduated High School with 3.7 GPA

    My grades in HS science courses are as follows:

    Bio 1
    Anatomy and physiology (honors) --B
    AP Physics
    Chemistry Honors

    Currently im a 3rd year biomedical engineering student. I had changed my major last summer from Chemistry to the one above (this wasted my 2 years).
    I changed my major because i was feeling hopeless regarding getting admission in USA med school because of my bad grades in college science courses. I adopted this engineering path to secure my future and increases my chances of getting into med school because many say that engineering BSC is a BIG + as a med school applicant.

    I feel terrible about how i have fallen back 2 years. To save my time, ive been searching for med schools in pak and went many of their websites.

    Since you are an expert, i request you to give me an expert opinion on what i should do. Which med school would be easier for me to get in. I know i dont have any chances in Agha khan or king edwards because of the B's in my high school. Please help me out. Which Uni best matches me in Pak?

    I will be taking MCAT this summer.

    I would be very thankful if you could help me out and let me know what should i do, which med school should i look into (because of my age and grade history). Basically what would you do if you were me?

    Im sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for your expert reply.

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  • anjelanjel 2 replies0 threads New Member
    can u plz simply tell me how to get adm in aku????
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  • mbbs/sbbmmbbs/sbbm 1 replies0 threads New Member
    hi yall
    just had a simple question
    what are my post mbbs option outside pakistan
    meaning europe or uk or even usa
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  • paki786paki786 768 replies94 threads Member
    im a US student thinking about going to like AKU to directly jump into medicine rather than taking the whole pre-med path over here.
    but, i have heard that once i return to the US, i will become a second rate doctor and will have a verrrry difficult time getting a residency
    wat is your opinion on this?
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