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What's the e-mail for Undergrad Admissions?

makechili&dancemakechili&dance 22 replies13 threads Junior Member
edited November 2007 in University of Florida
According to my status, my most recent SAT scores (October 2007) have not been received, yet collegeboard says they sent them to the schools. I want to e-mail UF to make sure that they have my new scores, how do I do that?

Anyone find the e-mail address?
edited November 2007
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Replies to: What's the e-mail for Undergrad Admissions?

  • dvm258dvm258 1022 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Your status is up? When did you submit the application? I turned mine in four days before Nov 1st and it is still telling me the application is processing. Anyway, it takes at least a few days or a full week for colleges to get scores. UF gets them electronically from CB, so it shouldn't be too long now. You don't have anything to worry about either; the deadline to receive SAT/ACT scores at UF is Dec 31st.

    Anyway, their address is [email protected]
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  • vincanity1vincanity1 852 replies46 threads Member
    I would call them
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  • makechili&dancemakechili&dance 22 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I think it's called my "status" (main page, undergrad admissions, check status...) and they are obviously still processing my application.

    I'm only worried because UF said that it may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive all the information but its been about a month. I want to make sure everything is kosher well before December 31 so I can enjoy my Christmas vacation.

    Thank you for the e-mail!
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  • orchid_2010orchid_2010 219 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I agree with Vicanity's rec -- give them a call.
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  • zebeszebes 1255 replies71 threads Senior Member
    I'd give them a call. My S's scores got separated from his file (ACT's not SAT's, but I imagine the same thing could happen). So some of his scores were listed under a separate file, and they didn't realize they belonged to the same person. When I called ACT, they said, regretably, it does happen ... if someone transposes a number when putting in the SS# or if, for whatever reason, they feel they have to assign you an ID number. I had to call all the admissions offices from the different universities, and they had to manually connect his files.

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  • dvm258dvm258 1022 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Call them, PLEASE! I am having an issue with them as well right now. Last night via e-mail they said I was missing my transcript and SAT scores, though both were sent back in September. I then called later today and they matter-of-factly said they had everything they needed, and listed all the materials. Of course, I am now e-mailing them AGAIN to make sure, and included a list of what should be there. This is driving me crazy!

    Also, I was told via e-mail that the application status page is only to see acceptance/reject notices and you can't see if everything was received from that page. Talk about misleading!
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