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About Applying Sooner..

88someday8888someday88 28 replies21 threads Junior Member
edited February 2008 in University of Washington
Okay, well I kind of asked this on someone else's thread..But I just decided to make my own..lol Please Reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are saying that sonner is better, but does that only apply to very strong candidates? I'm a rather average oos candidate as far as the stats go (though with hooks) who is not asking for any fin. aid...Should I still apply early? I'm ready to submit my application, but I'm afraid if it's a disadvantage for me beacuse the pool might be a lot stronger than regular decision pool since the applicants would probably be mainly strong candidates seeking scholarships...HELP!
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Replies to: About Applying Sooner..

  • Jolie.HauteurJolie.Hauteur 7447 replies20 threads Junior Member
    I'm in state and I'm a strong candidate in every respect except my test scores. But UW weighs other aspects (essay, GPA, ECs) more heavily, so I feel good about my chances.

    I called an admissions officer and she said that the sooner the better. Its rolling admissions, so the sooner you apply, the sooner you can start making decisions. You don't want your application to be at the bottom of the stack come January when they've already accepted students who applied in Sept, Oct, and Nov.
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  • 88someday8888someday88 28 replies21 threads Junior Member
    That is true! Thanks so much!
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  • MoominmamaMoominmama 807 replies20 threads Member
    And if you don't get accepted until late, the date for housing applications may have passed before you hear and you'll be out of luck for the dorms-- unless you go ahead and make the non-refundable deposit without knowing if you are accepted.
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  • nikrudnikrud 209 replies18 threads Junior Member
    And that NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is $500!!! So apply early-the sooner the better.
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  • MidwestMom2Kids_MidwestMom2Kids_ 6345 replies328 threads Senior Member
    Oh my - what is the date for housing applications?
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  • MoominmamaMoominmama 807 replies20 threads Member
    Seems to be March 26 for new students: http://hfs.washington.edu/student_housing/residence_halls.aspx?id=1814 Get your app. on on that day and you will not have any problems.
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  • comingsoon11comingsoon11 34 replies15 threads Junior Member
    I didn't know about this rolling admissions thing. How much does that affect how difficult it is to get admitted?

    Considering that I just now turned in my application what are my chances of getting in?

    Varsity Basketball and Golf
    Great Essay
    2000 SAT
    Community Service
    From a Private Rigorous School
    In State
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  • caseyatbatcaseyatbat 277 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Correct me if someone knows I am wrong, but I do not believe that the UW has rolling admissions. IF you decide to submit your application early (before Dec. 1), which is highly recommended (but not required) for merit money or honors program consideration, you may hear very soon after Dec. 1. The applicants who hear this quickly seem to be candidates that would be admitted no matter how many applications get seen by admissions over the next months. From December on, applicants find out their status somewhat randomly...in other words, you may have applied by Dec. 1, but aren't accepted until March. A traditional rolling admissions policy employs a consistent amount of time between turning in an app and getting your results--like 6 weeks. That is not the case at the UW to the best of my knowledge. So don't worry. Get your app in and don't expect anything for awhile. It could be til' end of March/beginning of April before you get good news! The vast majority of applicants wait that long.
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  • MoominmamaMoominmama 807 replies20 threads Member
    caseyatbat is right. Admissions decisions don't come in a particular number of weeks, but excellent candidates do tend to get an admissions offer pretty quickly. The potential advantage to getting your application in early is that you *might* hear back early, and can make a housing deposit on the first day (March 26, for 2008).
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  • onmytiptoesonmytiptoes 89 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I agree. The impression I've been getting is earlier is better. You want your app in before they get too filled up.

    ps. Comingsoon11 I think you'll definitely be in! :)
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  • MidwestMom2Kids_MidwestMom2Kids_ 6345 replies328 threads Senior Member
    If you have been accepted to UW but you only want to come to UW if you in the honors program, should you still make a housing deposit on March 26? Can you get the money back if you are not accepted to honors? How does this work?
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  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 10991 replies235 threads Senior Member
    I wondered the same thing. I asked the student guide but he really didn't know. However, I've done some research.

    The housing deposit is $500 (imo, that's on the high side...).

    If I'm reading the housing contract correctly, you have the option to cancel your contract before May 1, 2008 and have 100% of your deposit refunded. After that, there will be penalties assessed.

    You can cancel your contract online and have the online cancellation date be considered the effective cancellation date. But I still believe you will have to write and request a refund--it's not clear it's an automatic thing.
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  • GroovyGeekGroovyGeek 837 replies52 threads Member
    Correct, the deposit is refundable. Furthermore, for this year they have pushed the availability of the housing form back to 3/31. This should help the people for whom UW was a safety of sorts, since by 3/31 they are likely to have heard from most every school they applied to.
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