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official "we don't have a chance" thread but we still love Brown!


Replies to: official "we don't have a chance" thread but we still love Brown!

  • cnfsdbrownie09cnfsdbrownie09 Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    superwoman - haha wow i'm glad you like it most people ask "what's that suppose to mean" where I continue to ramble on about how its CONFUSED spelled minus the vowels =] I applied to cornell (if you head over to that thread you will find my overdramatic statement on how I'm not getting in there either) NYU, Boston Uni, St. Johns Uni, UTAustin, and the usual around Texas. Where else did you apply? I don't know how CC works apparently you can msg me somewhere?! lol that way we can be on our way to becoming best friends! :) Good luck to you as well, all the best

    wow loving the thread but my goodness it sure became a bully...?
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    yea, i definetly agree with wanting to be a brownie! Ive seen Cornell before, its gorgeous! But freezing!! i hate the cold..i want warmer weather bc im sick and tired of this new england weather! i applied to BU too! Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Amherst, UMASS Amherst, BC, Northeastern, Holy Cross, Emmanuel College, Spelman, Florida A&M
    I hate that the thread turned into a bully session sorry to the victim :(
  • cherrycrush021cherrycrush021 Registered User Posts: 80 Junior Member
    Ugh I really do not think I have a chance... I applied to the Brown/RISD Dual Degree program. Super long shot.

    Location: Central NJ
    School: Fresh/Soph I went to a really competitive private school, Junior/Senior I went to a really competitive, nationally recognized public school.
    GPA: I have a 92 average for all 4 years, & it has much improved since junior year started.
    Percentile: No idea my school doesn't do that I don't think. But there are SO many competitive and really overachieving people in my school so I would in no way be in the top 10.
    SAT: 760 Writing 740 CW 690 Math (yeahhh I'm not the best at math)
    SAT II: 730 Spanish 660 Biology (should have studied at least somewhat for that one..)
    AP/Honors: AP Spanish as a junior (skipped spanish 5 H), AP Art History (this is relevant here, not fluff... I am intending to be an art history minor at least), AP Studio Art (same deal), AP English 12, AP US History, Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Honors English 11
    my freshman/sophomore years my school didn't offer many honors/AP but I took as many as possible
    Ethnicity: white. awesome.
    ECs: Art art and more art. Two Pre-college programs for art at RISD and Pratt and weekend art classes at Tyler School of Art. I also am receiving my Gold Award in Girl Scouts for running a free art workshop open to the community. I did Model Congress/UN at my first school, in addition to varsity cross country. I was also in the Young Democrats club and comedy club. In my new school, I played varsity lacrosse and was inducted to the National Art Honors Society. In addition to this stuff, I spent one summer in Costa Rica doing community service and a homestay. I also did a homestay in Peru. I'm also a National Merit Commended Scholar, if that even means anything at all. I kinda forget all the stuff I put on my app but I know I've done over 100 hours of community service for various places, including animal shelters, nursing homes, cleaning up beaches, etc.

    In terms of other stuff... my essay I felt really explained me as a person. It doesn't "stand out" in terms of it being some really unique topic or something, but in my acceptance letter from another school, the admissions rep said it was very "heartfelt" and "passionate" which was my goal (I wrote about my first real experience with art & drawing at RISD, again to emphasize my interest in art and explain how that experience helped me open up and become less afraid of being myself).The other short answer things I answered very honestly and in the same passionate manner. My RISD/Brown Dual Degree Essay was outstanding in my opinion... really heartfelt and written well. I had a really great interview with a Brown alum who said I would "fit perfectly".

    I also sent a separate letter to Brown explaining that I felt very insignificant in the cold, stiff application process and I explained my personal character/passion in a little bit further detail, stressing that I did not base my value as a person simply on test scores or homework assignments from a certain class, but rather in the discussions I hold in all my classes. I described how involved I am in class and how much I participate, really trying to show the fact that I am genuinely interested in learning instead of doing things simply to get into college. BUT I don't know if anyone will even read that letter. Sigh.

    I didn't talk too much about my Gold Award project though on my app since at the time, it was in its infancy and my school board had to approve the use of the school for the workshop... I'm wondering if I should send something stating what I'm doing with that project, or if it'll even matter. Not too many people stay with Girl Scouts so I think this might give me at least a little bit of an advantage?
  • pineapplelolliepineapplelollie Registered User Posts: 427 Member
    I also did my Girl Scout Gold Award, but barely mentioned it on my app.

    I wonder how many people who applied to Brown did this though because I know not that many girls choose to do it.
  • hoveringmomhoveringmom Registered User Posts: 383 Member
    Cherrycrush, I'm not sure why you're saying you're a 'super long shot.' Your stats look fine . Okay, not supergenius, but you're applying to both Brown and RISD. Really, for RISD, it'll depend a lot on your portfolio and home test. As for Brown, well, Brown is into individuals; sometimes if your essay stands out, or something about you stands out, you can get in. But if you don't get in, you don't get in. Trust me,in pretty much any college there is an opportunity for greatness and growth. It depends on you more than anything else. I've known so many people who have gone to mediocre colleges and then gotten a Rhodes or gone on to be a well known writer, or whatever. And people who go to Ivies and that ends up being the high point of their life. Maybe it's because you're in these super-competitive high schools (Princeton?), but believe me, life out there is more than suck-ups who run around doing everything possible, busily busily crossing their t's and dotting their i's, just so that they can get into The BEst colleges, and then get the Highest Paying Job, and then get the Biggest House and then....What?
  • cnfsdbrownie09cnfsdbrownie09 Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    so superwoman guessing by your applications and other stuff - you live in the new england states! :o haha see how i did that picked up on context clues there...totally belong to brown right?! ....erm yea right... :/ But I AM brown haha that's the sad part.

    Cherrycrush- my counselor said brown was a SUPER LONG SHOT for me...so I definitely don't think its a longshot of any sort for you.
  • cherrycrush021cherrycrush021 Registered User Posts: 80 Junior Member
    Thanks for the encouragement, I guess. It's a super long shot because the Brown/RISD program accepts tops 20 people. As in, you seriously have to be an AMAZING award-winning artist in addition to a super-genius and community service maniac.
    I don't know... my main concerns lie with my GPA. I'm an A- student, that was always good enough for me so I figured it was good enough for everyone else. I'm super laid-back and I don't like getting caught up in all the competitive BS in high school. I'm a good student and intelligent and all that, but I hate busy work. I guess I put off a lot of stupid assignments in high school which ended up hurting my GPA. Tests I did well on, and research papers I excelled at. But stupid, pointless homework assignments and the like... not so much. I chose to draw/take pictures instead with my free time. I guess I've been pretty frustrated with high school because I find a lot of it pointless. Things I'm really interested in, though... well that's different. I pour my heart into that. Which is why I'm looking forward to college; especially at a school like Brown where YOU choose what you take and what you don't, I really feel like that would be really beneficial for someone like me who just needs to be excited about something.

    Anyway, enough rambling. If not Brown, I'm REALLY hoping for the Tufts/SMFA Dual Degree. A lot of you look like great candidates with really interesting ECs and such. In all honesty I wish I had done more interesting ECs rather than waste my time with lacrosse since my team is terrible. I wish you all the best of luck. Even if you don't get into Brown, you all are probably going to do really interesting things with your lives.
  • superwomansuperwoman Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    We all do! I truly think so..here we are gushing our brains out about a school that's probably reading our applications as we speak. Within a minute another application will be stuffed in their face (lol). what a life! I just don't know how they do it all..good luck to them! Good luck to us who are patiently waiting, DYING to know! And yea, you hit it right on the spot. I'm from Beantown babay! (Boston)

    cherrycrush021- don't worry about it! Like you said, you do have other options :) . I think your stats are pretty good, they're not super ridiculous! My guidance counselor told me I shouldn't even apply, he told me as soon as they saw my test scores my application would be thrown out..who knows? We'll find out in 34 days! :)
  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    hahaha i like how cherrycrush comes in here with the same sats scores as me, and no one says anything to her hahahaha, wheres GhandiIsRippin?(probably will come in here and start calling people names and talking **** any minute now.....)
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