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Quick Question on the blue book

MizlissaMizlissa 83 replies27 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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For the little blue book professors give us to write in-class essays, how many pages are equal to one double-spaced regular page?
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Replies to: Quick Question on the blue book

  • embroglioembroglio 230 replies20 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Depends how big you write.
    It's basically a thing full of notebook paper.
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  • icedragonicedragon 2059 replies111 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    ^^^ It is? I didn't know that.
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  • nerd855nerd855 323 replies14 threadsRegistered User Member
    It's a blue piece of paper wrapped around like 8 - 16 pages of notebook paper.
    You write your name on the front and turn it in.

    Though at my school you had to buy them yourself, the prof did not provide them.
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  • BrightRedBrightRed 495 replies13 threadsRegistered User Member
    If you provided your own blue book, wouldn't it be possible then to scribble tiny notes in it before the exam? Or does the professor go through everyone's booklet?
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  • ManOfFaithManOfFaith 349 replies14 threadsRegistered User Member
    At my last lit final, they surprised us by making us switch the blue books we already bought with special blue books they provided.
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  • IcarusIcarus 4305 replies31 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    ^ yeah I've had some professors make you bring your own blue book, then at the beginning of the test they collected them from everyone and redistributed them randomly. But usually it was on your honor.
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  • HisGraceFillsMeHisGraceFillsMe 4528 replies254 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    ^Our professors always make us switch them around. If someone comes late they'll flip through their booklet before allowing them to take the test.
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  • UpsilambaUpsilamba 528 replies59 threadsRegistered User Member
    The blue books I've used do have lined paper inside, but they're not the size of notebook pages. They're more like half size, but I think the lines might be wider apart as well.
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  • ThisCouldBeHeavnThisCouldBeHeavn 15990 replies70 threads- Senior Member
    ^ yeah I've had some professors make you bring your own blue book, then at the beginning of the test they collected them from everyone and redistributed them randomly. But usually it was on your honor.

    What were you supposed to do if the one you were given already had answers in it?
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  • rsala004rsala004 771 replies56 threadsRegistered User Member
    i doubt that would be the case, no one would hand a blue book with answers in it to the professor to redistribute.

    but i have seen people hand blue books with their names on it...and one time someone left a worksheet of notes
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  • leah377leah377 3766 replies68 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    i've never had a professor redistribute our blue books..then again, following the honor code is pretty important here & profs are big on trusting our integrity or whatever..
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  • Psycho'78Psycho'78 257 replies16 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I've seen two types of blue books: 8.5''x11'' and the smaller version. A blue book is just notebook paper, about 8 sheets, with blue paper covers.

    I've always used the full-sized books, and I've never heard a professor that provides them! The honor system has been used in my courses, but I've never heard of anyone trying to cheat on such tests. I'm sure they have, though. Sad.
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  • PlattsburghLoserPlattsburghLoser 5446 replies41 threadsRegistered User Senior Member

    Pretty much what the blue (or yellow in my college's case) looks like.
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  • BP-TheGuy88BP-TheGuy88 1319 replies118 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    that's surprising to me. i've never heard of schools forcing students to buy blue books or bringing in their own. at my school all professors supply the blue books. they are about half the size of a regular notebook. you hand it in at the end of the test and that's that. seems a bit insane that some schools go with the honor system on tests by allowing students to bring their own books.
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  • demeterdemeter 1323 replies44 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Yeah, we don't need to buy our own blue books either. The blue books my school provides are very thin, so for essay exams, it's easy to go through several of them. I shudder to imagine what it'd be like to have to bring my own blue books and then run out of them in the middle of an exam.

    I've used both the large (i.e. letter-sized) and small blue books. I think I prefer the smaller ones because I can fool myself into thinking that I'm writing more.

    Also, wouldn't it be pretty hard to cheat even if you had to bring your own blue books? I mean, they still have to be turned in, so if you scribble notes inside of them, they'd still be noticed.
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  • nerd855nerd855 323 replies14 threadsRegistered User Member
    I can think of a lot of ways to cheat with a blue book.
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