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One last annoying CAS freshman thread

VoneguttedVonegutted 180 replies22 threads Junior Member
edited July 2009 in New York University
I guess I made a boo boo when signing up for my courses. I signed up for an honors seminar, a language requirement (I plan on majoring in this language anywho), world cultures and nat sci. However, I was just told that it is difficult to take Writing the Essay with ConWest (which I would have to do the following semester) and that WTE is easiest when linked with World Cultures (at orientation they told us WTE is pretty much the same in difficulty no matter how you pair it?). However, if I sign up for Writing the Essay first semester (although right now it's all booked up), would my first semester course load be too writing heavy!? Slash, if I keep my current schedule, will I be totally screwed down the road when I actually do have to take Writing the Essay and Conwest?

I just really don't want to drop my cultures class because I like the timing of my schedule right now and the professors. So if any CAS students could give me a hard, honest opinion on this clusterfudge of a schedule, it'd be much appreciated!
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Replies to: One last annoying CAS freshman thread

  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
    they'll open more sessions of WtE as it gets closer to september.

    if you think you can handle a lot of writing, do it! i've seen freshmen take con west and WtE together and it was totally fine.

    if you like your schedule how it is now, keep it!
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  • VoneguttedVonegutted 180 replies22 threads Junior Member
    is it normal to take WTE or Con West during sophmore year?

    I just want to make sure I'm not setting myself up for a crazy suicidal schedule, hahah
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
    i took it as a junior transfer and i was the only upperclassmen there.

    i'm assuming it happens. if you have to, i would take con west sophomore year. just get WtE over with during freshman year. plus, it's awkward to be the one upperclassmen in a WtE class. con west during sophomore year is bearable.
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  • nyu_times_twonyu_times_two 347 replies0 threads Member
    Yeah, don't take WTE during sophomore year. By that point, you'll be taking advanced classes in your major that will suck up a lot more of your time than the MAP classes.

    I think doing ConWest and WTE at the same time is do-able as long as you stay on top of things. The WTE assignments aren't THAT long, they're just kind of involved, especially when compared to most of the writing you did in high school. As for ConWest, you're not writing papers every week, so as long as you read the material (or at least skim/Sparknotes/Wikipedia it before class), pay attention in class, and start the paper early enough before the deadline, you'll be fine. You might as well learn to juggle a more demanding courseload freshman year before it gets even more demanding as an upperclassman. And also, I think there would be more writing when an honors seminar and WTE are paired than when ConWest and WTE are paired.

    As for your current schedule, just keep it. Everyone told me my first semester schedule of an Honors Seminar, Foreign Language (intensive class, at that), ConWest, and International Politics was "too much," but I did absolutely fine. Different people will handle "tougher" schedules differently.
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  • cshcsh 82 replies1 threads Junior Member
    i would say a lot of it also depends on what conwest you take. definitely check who the professor is before you sign up but if you have a decent prof then wte and conwest at the same time should be fine. i took antiquity and the 19th century with levene and it wasn't bad at all. there were only two papers, the midterm and then the final was take home. i didn't do ANY of the readings (only bought two of the 10 required) and i still did fine (A-).

    your schedule seems ok but i agree: don't wait to take conwest or wte till sophmore year. it's not awful if you do but with wte it's just one of those things you want to get over with.
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  • OrangerosesOrangeroses 104 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I took my conwest and Writing the Essay class not linked my first semester Freshman year. I had no problems and in fact have never heard it advised against. A lot of the conwest material I had already read throughout high school and didn't even have to buy. With WTE your schedule looks a lot like mine. I did an honors class (documentary theatre), intensive intermediate french, Conwest Middle Ages, and Writing the Essay. Most everyone takes WTE first semester and the natsci classes later. But I guess it depends on your major. As a journalism major, my classes required that i had taken WTE. If you are a science major, then I'd take the Nat sci. Other WTE classes will open.
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