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Engineers accepted at NU...

ilabcurious1423ilabcurious1423 327 replies45 threads Member
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What were your stats? I just want to know for future reference! Will being a girl help me?...lol:)

Why did you decide to do engineering at NU?

What are you planning to major in and why?

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Replies to: Engineers accepted at NU...

  • ITGITG 43 replies4 threads Junior Member
    i got a composite 1530 SAT. 790 Math 740 english. jumped from a 1440 composite in december to a 1530 in january. took it 3 times total. i was barely top 10% of my highly selective private school of ~80 in each graduating class. i had a 3.67/4.0 GPA. I sent it oustanding essays since i put lots of time into them and had help from others to edit them. i really think the reason i got in were my essays.

    i didnt participate in sports, president of one club, won an environment competition, did some community service. Overall my ECs were sub par.

    took AP biology class junior year. took ap bio and ap us history exam after junior year. got 5s on both. senior year i took bc calc, ap physics, and ap spanish. also took ap statistics exam after taking a semester of non-AP statistics.

    i got into northwestern, washU, tufts, and all 5 of my safeties. Rejected from columbia, MIT, georgetown. Waitlisted at Cornell and Hopkins. I applied to about 15 schools. My strategy was: the more places I apply the better my chances of getting into a good school are. Seems like it worked since my college counselor was pretty suprised i got into washu and northwestern.

    I planned to do biomolecular engineering at hopkins, but i didnt get in (yet) so i went to NU because i can do chemical and biological engineering, pursue the biotechnology certificate, and participate in Co-op.

    i don't know how admissions works but i believe being a girl will improve your chances slightly since its usually 60% male 40% female in engineering schools.
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  • nufrosh09nufrosh09 143 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I got accepted ed into the weinberg college of arts and sciences, and then I transfered to mccormick.

    Stats: I got a 1250 sat, 29 act, sat ii: 580 phsyics, 640 writing, and 680 math. i finishied 3rd out of 459 in my class, with a gpa of about 3.95 uw. i also think that my essays helped me a bunch because i spent a lot of time on them.

    ECs: I was president and drum major in band, 1st chair flute (won lots of music awards, includin all-state for 4 years), was involved in NHS, DECA, and Varsity Tennis (at least for a couple of years). I also participated in NASA Sharp last year (that probably helped me a lot). Oh, and I live in New Mexico, which could have helped me since they don't get many applicants from here (however, i'm NOT a minority).

    Junior year, I took AP Env. Sci. (got a 2, ha ha), and AP English Lang. (got a 4), and Senior year I took AP Calc. AB and AP Eng. Lit.

    I pretty much only applied to my 1st choice, Northwestern (since it was ED, I didn't want to waste time on apps if I didn't have to). I was also accepted to 2 other schools, but they were safeties.

    I plan on doing Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern, and I chose this school to study it because it is ranked 3rd in the country for this area of study. It's also a small program, so there's a lot more student/professor interaction. I chose this major because it combines engineering with chemistry, math, and phsyics (which are my fav. subjects), and it's also they doorway to studying nanotechnology, in which I have had an interest for several years.

    I also think you may have a better chance getting in because you are a girl. I think I heard somewhere that they male to female ratio at McCormick is 3 or 4:1, so there's definitely a need for more girls. (I'm a girl too!)

    Hope that helps.
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  • Sam LeeSam Lee 9273 replies176 threads Senior Member
    Female % is about 30% in McCormick, one of the highest among all engineering schools in the country. The average is only about 20%.
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  • tenisghstenisghs 3618 replies337 threads Senior Member
    Wow Sam Lee, Northwestern is definitely setting a standard. At least it's not like Cal-Tech (eek!). It's a male prison over there!
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  • ITGITG 43 replies4 threads Junior Member
    oh yea i forgot to mention my SAT IIs. i had a 710 writing, 790 math IIC, 690 biology. took the writing and math SAT IIs two times each. well worth it. both times i improved around 100 points.
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  • lorddragon04lorddragon04 113 replies7 threads Junior Member
    tenis, I think Caltech are correct in offering spaces to those who deserve them instead of to those who are underrepresented. If the adcom judge that some boy is able to take more engineering classes, work better, or have more fun with this type of education than some girl, he should not be put at an unfair disadvantage simply for being male.

    On the other hand, as I'm already in, McCormick rocks! :) (pls don't refer my girlfriend to this thread .... :) )
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  • ITGITG 43 replies4 threads Junior Member
    ooo lorddragon you're from Bulgaria. thats pretty neat. my parents, grandparents, etc. are all from Romania.

    yea i agree with what you said, but it happens all the time with race, gender, state, etc.
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  • lorddragon04lorddragon04 113 replies7 threads Junior Member
    ITG, are you a NWU student? Four Romanians are coming to the university this fall as far as I know.
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  • lorddragon04lorddragon04 113 replies7 threads Junior Member
    McCormick Incoming Freshman Information Page.

    Hey, where is this webpage now? It said it would be frequently updated throughout the summer, but after the redesign of their site, I cannot locate it at all.

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