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Drexel or Bryant

jorden_rowrowjorden_rowrow Registered User Posts: 168 Junior Member
edited May 2010 in Drexel University
which 1 should i go to for accounting/business/business law
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Replies to: Drexel or Bryant

  • jorden_rowrowjorden_rowrow Registered User Posts: 168 Junior Member
    can someone help me. I want to a good job and a secure one to. I visited drexel and bryant both. I like the campus of bryant but at drexel its co-op is excellent and there are things to do everytime cuz ur in the city. I feel like though that i might get distracted and at bryant its quiet there are things to do not as much as drexel but there are things and i can do. I want a college/university that i can go to the professors for help if i need it, and i like it if there were small classrooms.
  • MARIBR12MARIBR12 Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    I'm a student at Bryant. Not to scare you but the course load is very tough here, however, there's always something to do. The campus does a wonderful job providing for the students. Most of the time I can't do any of the events because of the work though. Bryant has one of the top 10 job placement in the nation so you won't have to worry about getting a good job. Although, I've never heard of Drexel, where is it? Most city schools are awful unless you're 21. So honestly, theres actually more things to do at an enclosed school than a city school for your first couple years.
  • ZackduddeZackdudde Registered User Posts: 369 Member
    whoever wrote the last post is probably not even a student and some very not so bright admissions person at bryant searching through the forum to make their school look good. i PROMISE you this, just take a look at his past history of posts and look at the patterns. Also, the fact that the admissions or administrator "pretends" not to know where drexel is or even heard of it, and tries to use tactics to look more like a helpless is outrageous. you’re not fooling anyone maribr12. at least that's what i think, although its very slightly possible that it is just a very uninformed and ignorant student who regurgitates the same thing post after post (eg: "most city schools are awful unless you're 21"???)
    here is the truth:
    Every school has its pluses and minuses. One school may be very good for you but very bad for someone else, just because of your personality and what you want to get out of it. Drexel is a much bigger school than Bryant. Drexel is in the heart of Philadelphia, one of the biggest cities in the United States. Very simply, I strongly believe Drexel and Philadelphia provides you an incredible amount of resources. Just read all my previous topics on the Drexel message board for examples. There is too much to do in Philadelphia and no you don’t have to be 21 to do it. Again, reference my posts on this board for examples. “so you won’t have to worry about getting a good job????” At every college, a job will not come automatically. You’ll have to work hard in your classes, and work hard to learn and develop skills and of course networking opportunities. The Drexel co-op is just one tool that will help you tremendously with this.
    Jorden, what major are you looking at and I’ll be able to tell you more specifically how your classes will be (eg: sizes). Overall, all Drexel professors I’ve had would have no problems with going to help, and the university has tons of resources including free tutoring centers and more.
  • jorden_rowrowjorden_rowrow Registered User Posts: 168 Junior Member
    i want to major in accounting/ law
  • citylights919citylights919 Registered User Posts: 99 Junior Member
    First let me say I am a Bryant alum. It is a great school and I have a degree in Accounting and have done very well for myself. This said I would probably chose Drexel. It is nationally known, it is in a big city with a great co-op program and if you should change your mind and not want to study business you still have plently of options. Bryant is very well know and respected in the New England area,but once you leave that area the recognition becomes a problem. I am sure someday it will gain recognition as it is a great school but I think Drexel affords you a better opportunity at this point. Good Luck!
  • MARIBR12MARIBR12 Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    zackdude, I am a student, sorry to disappoint, also, I'm sorry to insult you because I have never heard of Drexel, it's in Phili? thats a pretty solid city. A city school with a CO-Op program, it kind of sounds like Northeastern, I got in there with some pretty good money, Jordan_row, might I suggest Northeastern, it seems a lot like Drexel, but a little more competitive based on stats (sorry zack), It has a great co-op program, AND a great business program. I really liked it when I toured, however, I chose Bryant over it for the campus, the business atmosphere, and the job placement. But it is deffinately a great school and if your looking in the northeast deffinately take a look at it.
  • ZackduddeZackdudde Registered User Posts: 369 Member
    ok i guess you are right maribr12. drexel just sucks so much because you never "heard" of us and your college sound better if you degrade drexel when some prospective student has an honest question and does not want to hear this. this will be the last post i'm posting on this thread. if anyone has any further questions regarding this, feel free to PM me.
  • MARIBR12MARIBR12 Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    wow, stop being a little baby, the only thing i said about your school was that I've never heard of it, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have never heard of mine either. It's not that big of a deal, I never said anything bad about the school, grow up a little bit. The only thing I did was offer him another alternative for a school he could look at that is different than both of ours.

    I wasn't talking up my school. I was in a very similar situation hes in, I had to choose between Northeastern, BU, Babson, Bentley, and Bryant. I was given the advice from many people that if your going into business, go to a business school. So I narrowed it down to the three B's and went to the one I liked best.

    I personally feel, getting accepted into 2 city schools and 3 enclosed campuses that the campus atmosphere is a lot better, I'm sure you disagree. Therefore, he asked for advice, I gave him mine. Just because my advice is different than yours makes it wrong? So how about you think before you talk, because you represent your school when you post on these things.
  • eugenseugens Registered User Posts: 36 Junior Member
    easy boys .. even stanford had been fairly nobody but for the uprise of the silicon valley .. so if anyone think your choice is better, be it.
  • masskidmasskid Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    Just based off this, we can clearly see which school has the classier type student. Zackdude, take it easy, your making Drexel look awful by posting these kinds of attacks. Just because someone is talking about their school's stats doesn't mean they're a "some very not so bright admissions person" I mean just by saying that, you seem like a not so bright student at Drexel, or maybe those kinds of uneducated claims is par for the course at your school, i don't know. I really don't know too much about Drexel, I myself have barely ever heard of it. Does this make me a not so bright adult? If your going to say things like that, please stop posting. You're not helping anything.

    As for the answer to the OP's original question, my nephew is a junior looking to enter a business major. I showed him Bryant and he fell in love with it. I've been keeping up with their stats so I can show him and help him. Their 2007 job placement was 97% obviously, however, in 2008, it was i belive 95%. I mean if you can find a school with a 95% job placement rank during a recession, it's a no brainer to me. My nephew is very nervous about getting accepted however, because the school is becoming harder and harder to get into every year. (because I know these stats by keeping up with the school, does that mean I'm an admissions person zackdude? well I promise you I'm not).

    Jordan where do you live because that plays a factor, by looking at college board, drexel's admissions rate is very high, the student body breakdown of GPA between the two schools are pretty much the same, so it seems Bryant is a stronger school, although it is smaller. Do you want a big school or a small school? And if your deffinately committed to business, as maribr said if you want to do business, wouldnt it make sence going to a business school?
  • pageturnerpageturner Registered User Posts: 776 Member
    Funny, until now, I was pretty much unaware of Bryant! I had some vague idea that it had some relationship with Anita Bryant (sorry, I just looked it up and now I know it's not)!

    Zack has been a great asset to the Drexel forum for the past six months. He has strong opinions sometimes, but he seems to try to be fair. Occasionally there is a bit of a lash-out, but generally his opinion and advice is very sound. In fact, by reading the many great reports from Zack, my son began to seriously consider Drexel (which had been a safety for him), and has since decided to attend in the fall. So, I, for one, hope he keeps posting. Read his thread: "Any Drexel Questions/Prospective/Accepted Students".

    Anyway, MARIBR12, masskid, this thread is on the Drexel forum, so the people answering the questions are probably pro-Drexel.

    Drexel's high admissions rate has some self-selectivity attached to it. The College of Engineering is one of the best in the country. The majors in the College of Media Arts and Design and extremely selective. It all depends on the major.

    The big claim to fame of Drexel is the co-op. I haven't a clue about the job placement percentage rate, but I would consider this: in this economy, having actual, real world experience will probably put you a leg up on your peers when looking for a job.

    Drexel is in the middle of a large city. That is a plus for some, and a minus for others. I'm sure it is a completely different vibe from Bryant, so you would have to visit to be able to tell which is better for you. As far as Northeastern, which also has a the co-op option, well, Boston is great, too.

    I'm surprised you haven't heard of Drexel. They hosted one of the presidential debates for the last election. They play Division 1 athletics. If you have ever been to Philadelphia, you can't miss it; it's everywhere.

    Plus, their mascot is a dragon. How cool is that?
  • masskidmasskid Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    I'm not saying Drexel's a bad school by any means, it is poorly represented by zackduude, but if he wants to hurt his own schools cause so be it. 2 things:1. If drexels bests departments aren't business, and outside of the departments is not a very selective, then what's the point for going there for business? 2. Co-Op is great, but why spend an extra year wasting money when you are pretty much guaranteed a job from Bryant. Logically the choice is obvious, but what really matters is which campus he likes better.
  • eugenseugens Registered User Posts: 36 Junior Member
    i think this thread is kinda amusing ..
  • pageturnerpageturner Registered User Posts: 776 Member
    Masskid, you may be right about a business major. I don't know if that department is a strength at Drexel.

    However, this economy may change a lot of things about job placement and guarantees. We'll just have to wait and see!
  • pageturnerpageturner Registered User Posts: 776 Member
    Oh, wait. Here you go:

    Drexel's LeBow College Among Top 10 in Nation and Top in the Region for Entrepreneurs | Reuters
    Drexel's Work-Study Mix

    I guess it is known for business! Sorry, Drexelians, I didn't defend you properly!
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