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hohgeniehohgenie 1 replies1 threads New Member
Good evening (or whatever time it is for you...)!

Do forgive me if this is a little messy. I hardly - or never, I should say - post on threads (I'm more the "stalk posts to find answers" type of guy) and really only made this account to post here. This is a super long post. I'm sorry.

I'm currently a high school sophomore set to graduate next May, my junior year. I'm also dual enrolled in a local community college and am set to graduate with an Associates of Arts the same month as my high school graduation. There's a few more detailed stats and stuff to go over, but before I get into that, I just want to preface that the whole reason I'm writing this is to take in tips, maybe get chances, things like that. What should I do my next year? Anything I should add over the summer? More volunteer work, less work? Etc, etc...

My current high school GPA is 4.35 on a 5.0 scale. All of my classes are honors. My high school offers no higher than honors courses and I am taking the heaviest load they will allow at the current moment.

Individual high school grades:
Animal Science I (Req.): 95
Horticulture I (Req.): 86
Enviro Science: 96
Eng. I: 94
Eng. II: 93
Math II: 89
Math III: 76
World History: 90
Civics & Econ.: 93
(Current req.) Animal Science II: 96
(Current) Biology: 89

Obviously, that 76 in Math III is going to harm me in the long run. The agriculture classes will likely do the same, as they have no correlation in what I want to major in or my future career goals, despite being required classes in my school.

Individual college grades:
Art Appreciation: A+
College Transfer Success (Req.): A+
English Writing & Inquiry: A+
Phys. Ed: A+
General Psych: A+
(Current) American History II: A+
(Current) Writing & Research in the Disciplines: A+
(Current) Health & Wellness: A+
Note: Yes, every grade is an A+. No, I don't know what they are on a percentage scale. My school only gives them to us on a lettered scale. It's irking at times, but it is what it is, and what will be will be.

I am currently in two honor societies; the two that my college offers. I should be set to join NHS next school year, as my high school only offers NHS to juniors and seniors. I should have 100 or more volunteer hours by graduation. I am in STEM Club and Art Club, and I was in a Suicide Awareness Club my freshman year (we were only allowed one club freshman year, and two sophomore). I am an FFA Officer (FFA is the only "EC" program my school offers) and am on the Parliamentary Procedure team that went to States, and will likely go again this year.

I plan to work on a bachelor's of Political Science, and a possible minor of History. I should begin taking politics courses for my Associates in summer/fall/spring, as well as other more individual courses (ethics, communications, etc).

I've heard that it's important to mention that I would be a first-gen college student from a poor community (I come from a Tier 1 county in North Carolina), am bisexual, and transgender. I'm lower class. I'm also white.

Pre-ACT: LOW. I'm a terrible test taker. My pre-ACT score was a 26, and I'm projected to make a 30/31 on the official ACT. This was a test taken without warning or studying, so I'm hoping that with the official test I will be better prepared to make a higher score.
Pre-SAT/SAT: Haven't taken it yet. I'm aiming for a 1400 MINIMUM on the SAT, but would much prefer the 1500+ range.

I will be applying for financial aid. I will be trying to apply ED, if my mother allows, as I've heard the acceptance and financial aid situation is better with ED applicants, and I think Duke is one of the best if not the best option for me. Other schools I am interested in include NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, George Washington Uni and Appalachian State - out of this group, Duke is the stretch!

So! Any tips? Chances based on what I have presented thus far? Anything anybody thinks I should do, change, add?

Thanks y'all. Again, sorry for the length, and sorry for all the "I," "I," "I," sentences. I swear I'm more literate than this...
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  • MamaBear2001MamaBear2001 128 replies4 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2
    Have you heard of questbridge? It seems like you qualify.
    Your preACT doesnt seem all that low. My son's Pre-ACT was 28 and 1st try ACT was 32, second try 34. He also is dual enrolled and will graduate HS with an Associates. He matched to Duke through questbridge.

    I suggest you look up questbridge and see if its something you would be interested in. Also with the next math, you would need to try to have a higher grade.
    edited March 2
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  • hohgeniehohgenie 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I'll definitely look into Questbridge! I've never heard of it before.
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  • PrdMomto1PrdMomto1 466 replies7 threads Member
    I agree to check out Questbridge.

    Beyond that, Duke is pretty tough to chance people at. It's a stretch for everyone and it's hard to know what they are looking for to fill their class. Keep doing what you're doing and work hard on your essays so that you can express why you feel Duke is the best place for you. But, have some back ups you are interested in as well.
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