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Chance me for Duke ED

Bilraz02Bilraz02 5 replies4 threads New Member
edited July 14 in Duke University
Hey all, just wondering what y'all think my chances are for a Duke ED. I did very poorly at the start of high school, however, I do have strong testing and extra-curricular activities. Duke is currently not a school I am looking at since I don't think I can get in, however, I would like to know what everyone else thinks especially since I assume that my strongest second-semester grades are not counted by Duke even though they are at my school.

9th Grade: 3.33/4.33
10th Grade(1st Semester): 3.1/4.4
10th Grade(2nd Semester): 3.87/4.4
11th Grade(1st Semester): 4.28/4.58
11th Grade(2nd Semester) 4.42/4.58

Test Scores:
SAT: 1510
AP Tests: AP European History(4) however, I did join the class halfway through the year. Probably all 5s on AP US, AP Calc AB, and AP English Lang.

Course Rigor/Load
Sophomore Year: 1/2 APs Offered
Junior Year: 3/3 APs Offered
Senior Year: 4/4 APs Offered
Considered to be the most rigorous course load at my school. I think there are like 2-3 kids who have 9 APs in my class and 3-4 more(including myself) who have 8 APs

Extra-Curricular/Public Service
100 hours volunteering at a camp, as a counselor, for homeless children.
Worked with a Non-Profit and raised money to send 6 kids to school for a year in Pakistan.
Model UN(Captain)
Tennis Varsity(Captain and 2 singles)
Squash Varsity(6/7 seed)
Taekwondo Black Belt
Future Work for Education with the same non-profit mentioned above
Also UTR Ambassador. UTR is a universal tennis rating system that coaches and players use all around the world in order to determine a player's level.
Work with a non-profit called Aces N Deuces which helps provide access to Tennis in underappreciated areas of Maryland. I work in the Finance, Pr, and Coaching departments.
Also don't know if this matters but I am taking a couple of courses on Coursera for fun.(Managing the Business of the Future, Sports Marketing, Behavioral Finance, and What Future for Education.)

Interests and Motivation:
I want to change how the education sector operates around the world. I grew up in Pakistan where I was surrounded by poverty, even in my close family. Obviously there are many factors to what leads people into poverty, however, the way I see it there is a huge gap in the quality of education and I hope that one day I can provide the entire world a chance of not only strong preliminary education but take it a step further and help people gain a secondary education as well.
edited July 14
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Replies to: Chance me for Duke ED

  • jsc8920jsc8920 4 replies3 threads New Member
    edited July 13
    Based on what I've seen in threads similar to this one, you have a shot due to your good ECs and strong hook of growing up in a different country. Your test scores and APs are pretty good, although the GPA may raise a bit of a concern. I would say that if you are looking to use your ED to lock in a very strong percentage of getting into a target school, perhaps Duke is not the place to use it. However, if you aren't entirely sure where you want to use your ED but are certain that you would want to go to Duke if you were admitted, I think that it wouldn't be a bad idea. I think you have an OK chance if you elaborate your circumstances well in your essays.
    edited July 13
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