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Getting into Earlham...

jkiwmomjkiwmom Registered User Posts: 1,368 Senior Member
edited July 2011 in Earlham College
My D1 is a rising junior in a public art/magnet school in northern VA (DC burb). She plans to major in Japanese and art, so Earlham has been at the top of her list for some time. There aren't many liberal LAC's with top Japanese programs! She has some great EC's, but her GPA is at the lower range for Earlham. Any advice welcome on how to get accepted to Earlham! Oh, and we are visiting this summer. Stats:

3.1 GPA (5 C's on transcript from 7th grade through 10th, mixed with lots of A's and B's --typical "ADD transcript" which she does have).

1800 SAT's

5 AP's by application time

SAT II's will be in Japanese, and Biology (both her best subjects and she tests well, always above 85th Percentile/advanced prof.). Take more?

Lots of art awards, and nominated for Japanese governors school program by her school (she really excels in Japanese!), Girl Scouts awards, GSA, ultimate frisbee, summer programs/college credit in art, photography, Japanese, over 200 hours of community service (art center for two summers, food assistance center).

We are seriously considering applying ED. Any advice?
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Replies to: Getting into Earlham...

  • utzybuzzyutzybuzzy Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    My ds will be a senior there and my dd will be starting her freshmen year this August.
    Both my kids are GT/LD and ADD, not stellar students, but had good EC's. My ds SAT and ACT scores were good, but not my dd. I think each though provided something unique and the school likes that. Your dd sounds like she'd have a really good chance and I don't think there's much more she would have to do. The school looks at the whole person, not just the numbers. They're looking for kids who are unique and not just run of the mill. Your dd has some great interests, EC's and awards. When you're accepted, they send you a very personal acceptance letter. We're from the DC area also so your counselor will be Shenita Piper. She is very nice and open to a lot of things. You should definitely contact her early and start a good rapport with her, but just be genuine not snotty like some might be for the ivy's (you can see I'm somewhat a snob, LOL). Ask questions and definitely have your dd interview with her. I even talked to her myself about my dd just because my dd is on the shy side. It's a great school, community based where everyone is on a first named basis, classes are small, have a lot of discussions, good junior year abroad programs and the kids are very accepting of each other. My ds doesn't drink or take drugs, not a partier and he has a great group of friends (they all live on the wellness floor). No one forces you to be something you don't want to be. Of course there are some kids who go wild, but that's at all schools. I would definitely get to know them and let them get to know your dd. I will warn you though that it is a very liberal campus and just about anything goes plus they're getting a new president this year. My ds loves it and I think my dd, who has been out there numerous times will be happy too. One thing new this year are the all there will be freshmen only dorms, but coed. An experiment. If you would like, you can contact me personally at chalkycat gmail com. I'm not sure if your dd has accommodations or not, but not only did both my kids get what they needed, but they even got more accommodations! It's a great place with great kids and great professors. The only problem is when you tell people around here the name of the school their first response is "what, never heard of the place". I just ignore them. Good luck!
  • jkiwmomjkiwmom Registered User Posts: 1,368 Senior Member
    You are making me feel so much better! I can't explain it, but for the past year both my D and I can just see her at Earlham. I grew up in OH, and had lots of friends go to Earlham, but we've been in DC area for past 12 years. I was raised by a total hippie mom that went to Antioch, so for me, Earlham is tame, lol! My daughter's high school is actually very similar to Earlham. Very, very liberal, first name basis with all teachers, accepting, and she is quirky/artsy, so it's been the perfect place for her these past 5 years (she got in through lottery in the 6th grade). We are going to visit the first week of August and I will be sure to have her contact the rep for our area (thanks, good idea). I was also considering sending her to their Explore a College program next summer. Thanks for the boost of confidence that she can get in --it's just made my day. And congrats to you and your freshman D!
  • LasMaLasMa Registered User Posts: 10,885 Senior Member
    My D is a rising junior at Earlham, and I think they're going to like your D. She should see if she can bring her GPA up a bit this year, but Earlham isn't a by-the-numbers college. I don't think she needs to take any more Subject SATs; she's already testing in two of Earlham's strongest programs. They're also going to like her community service, and as far as her being quirky/artsy -- bingo! The hippie connection won't hurt either. :p

    She can feel free to begin communicating with Admissions. Nancy Sinex is a good place to start, or as utzybuzzy mentioned, your regional Admissions person. Susan Hillman is also wonderful. She'll get warm personal replies -- one of the great advantages of a small school. I heard Jeff Rickey say once, "No one falls through the cracks at Earlham" and we have found that to be true. That goes for prospective students too. Everthing at Earlham is warm and personal. It's the Quaker influence. :)
  • ddwyerddwyer Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    My D is a rising senior with a double major in Japanese and Neuroscience. Like has been previously posted the EC experience is extremely personal and your daughter seems like a very good fit.

    You mentioned a 7th -10th GPA, my guess is that EC and most other schools look at GPAs from 9th grade an on.

    My daughter didn't take any SAT II tests she only did the ACT. She has spent a semester in Japan and is currently at Brandeis University for the summer doing research on cells-it's technically and I don't remember exactly what it is. She/we couldn't be happier with her experience at EC.

    Good luck during the exciting time!
  • jkiwmomjkiwmom Registered User Posts: 1,368 Senior Member
    @Lasma, I am hoping she can bring up the GPA a bit too this next year, but she's been really oddly consistant. Even with the full range of A's to C's, she gets a 3.1 every year so far, lol! We don't know how she manages to do that --not a 3.0 and then a 3.2, but consistatly a 3.1 exactly each year. I so hope that the AP classes will bring it up a tad, but I so appreciate hearing the same things from everyone, that Earlham will be looking at her in a more holistic way. Thanks for the contact names in admissions. We'll hopefully get to meet some at the "See day" in Aug.

    @ddwyer, good point that they may recalculate her GPA without the 7th and 8th grade years. Although, she did have a 3.1 during those years too. She took Algebra I, Geometry I, World Geography, and French I, which were all High School credits so her school does include these on their HS transcript. She'll graduate with an advanced diploma, because of the early HS credits. You know, I hadn't really thought of that either. That may be a help! We still may end of applying ED, but I am really hopeful --and hearing that you have all been very happy with your kids decision to attend just confirms my thoughts about EC.
  • LasMaLasMa Registered User Posts: 10,885 Senior Member
    Hope you both enjoy the visit. Don't hesitate to post questions; we Earlham parents are always happy to talk about the college.
  • utzybuzzyutzybuzzy Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    Just wanted to mention about Explore A College. My dd went there last year and had a great time. She took a geology class and there were only 5 kids in it and the professor was very understanding of her issues. Matter of fact, he wrote a recommendation letter for her! It was a great experience for my dd who is rather shy. She met some good friends some who will be going to Earlham this fall.
  • jkiwmomjkiwmom Registered User Posts: 1,368 Senior Member
    @ Uzzy, I have the Explore A College card tucked away for next summer! We are on a mission, lol! My daughter is very shy too, and I think if she does the program that they will have a chance to get to know her. She's actually very "bubbly" and talkative with her friends, she's just shy with people she doesn't know yet. Your daughter must be so excited! Congrats.

    @LaMas, thanks!! I'm heading to college orientation tonight for my S1, and then will switch into high gear with D1 as soon as I return --flying to Dayton Aug. 2 for Earlham visit!
  • utzybuzzyutzybuzzy Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    jkiwmom, I think going to Explore A College helped a lot to get my dd into EC. Doesn't hurt either that they earn 2 credits for it!! Hope you have a great visit and good luck on your mission! LasMa is correct too when she says EC parents love to talk about the school especially, at least I think, its uniqueness and why it's a great place.
  • LasMaLasMa Registered User Posts: 10,885 Senior Member
    ^^ Yep. :)

    jkiwmom, your D might be interested in these photos from the 2010 Explore-a-College session.
    [url=http://www.****/photos/earlhamcollege/sets/72157624458037002/]Explore-A-College - Summer 2010[/url]

    Also these beautiful shots of the campus:

    We're from California, so we are enchanted by snow:
  • jkiwmomjkiwmom Registered User Posts: 1,368 Senior Member
    Great photos! thank you! I can't wait until next Weds. at EC :)
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