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ilba22ilba22 1 replies1 threads New Member
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Hello! I was just wondering what my chances of getting in and receiving aid from Earlham college are. I am a high school senior and am currently spending my year abroad in Denmark. I am originally from Nicaragua (so is my mom) and i lived there for 7 years. I have done alot of volunteer work (painting murals,coaching playing soccer, teaching arts and crafts) both in the US (now I live in WI) and Nicaragua. I also have joined a few non profit organizations in denmark and WI. I also belonged to 2 hacker spaces (collaborative work spaces). I have participated in a lot of social change activism and meetings. my gpa as of now is a 3.05, i had 3 honors classes. I speak fluent spanish and will soon know Danish. I got a 21 on my ACT ( :/ ) however i do have ADHD i chose not to take the medication because of personal reasons so that has effected my test scores. I have do a lot of art. I want to go to Earlham because of there sense of community i think it will help my learning capabilities, I am also very interested in social change, global studies, and environmental studies. neither one of my parents went to college. and they make 95,000$ before taxes and about 55,000$
how much financial aid would i be able to get approximately? and do you think i have a good chance of getting in? i really would like to and if you have any advice!!! please

:) sadie
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  • LasMaLasMa 10768 replies138 threads Senior Member
    Hi Sadie, my daughter is a junior at Earlham, and she loves it.

    There's a lot about you that Earlham will like -- your international experiences, the social activism and volunteer work, the interest in art. While you should work on your grades and scores, Earlham is not fixated on numbers for admission (and taking honors classes is a plus). They really do look at the whole person. :)

    Just to be clear, are you a US student or international? Also, is your family income $95K plus $55K, or just the $95K?

    Advice -- Start thinking about how you want to present your application so that it reveals who you are beyond the numbers. Earlham is indeed a community, and they want to know how you would contribute to that community. They want to know what makes you tick, how you think about the larger world, how you face challenges and opportunities. So show them what you're passionate about. If you haven't visited yet, and if you're going to be back in the US at some point, try to visit. Arrange for an appointment with Admissions, so they can put a face on your application. If you can't go, then strike up an email relationship; ask questions and make sure they know how interested you are. Or maybe they'll do a Skype appointment; no harm in asking.
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  • ilba22ilba22 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you very much for your reply! :)

    I was born in Nicaragua and immigrated to the US when I was 8 (I am a US citizen)
    That is very good to here! I was even considering applying during the early decision deadline because i read that it has a 95% acceptance rate and earlham is my top school, however im not quite sure how it works with financial aid...

    My parents make 90K before taxes and 60k after taxes (they own a small buisness in Nicaragua)

    Yes i think the only thing I can really work on is doing volunteer work in Denmark, and perfecting my college essay. I can't really change any of my test scores anymore. I also will not be able to visit earlham ( :( ) however i i think my mom my pay a visit for me. Yes i have already been emailing the admissions counselor and a few other of the earlham staff. The skype appointment might be a good idea! When you have an appointment what do they ask or talk about? Is it like a job interview?
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