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Club Sports

NYMIZNYMIZ 16 replies9 threads New Member
edited April 2011 in Elon University
Coming from a high school where my S ran, wrestled and played baseball, it's going to be a big adjustment not being all sports all the time. How are the club teams at Elon. In particular, he's interested in baseball and maybe even rugby. Does club baseball have tryouts and cuts or can everyone play? How often do they practice and play? How long is the season. Same questions for rugby. Also, how open are they to starting up new club sports?
edited April 2011
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Replies to: Club Sports

  • Scoutmom9Scoutmom9 350 replies94 threads Member
    My son also came from High School playing varsity sports all year round and community swim team in the summer. He knew when he picked Elon it would have to be club and intramural sports. To be honest he got involved in so many other things he did not have the time to fit club sports in his schedule although he did do some intramural sports.

    He had expressed an interest in doing club baseball and even brought all his stuff down with him but I don't think that ever happened. I will ask him the next time I talk to him.
    (He did not come home for spring break- went on a service trip with a group from the college.)
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  • EmbracethemessEmbracethemess 348 replies4 threads Member
    Hi NYMiz, my S is also a Varsity athlete that can't imagine not playing sports, particularly baseball. Elon is currently his #1, partially because of the Club sport opportunity. He has a classmate/fellow athlete from HS that is currently a soph at Elon and on the club baseball team. He loves it! He told S that they practice Tues & Thurs 4-6, with optional BP on Friday afternoons. Practices are not mandatory, and I do not believe that there are try-outs, but not sure about that. Friend was a solid player at a small public HS, not a standout, so I don't think it is ultra-competitive. There is also a social aspect to club sports, he said the bball team hosts several parties a year, and he enjoys the opportunity it has given him to interact with upperclassmen. They travel to several NC schools to play, including Wake, Davidson, Coastal Carolina, I think UNC, etc. I think they play mostly on the week-ends. They do play some in the fall as well, but it is a limited season, not overwhelming. Overall, the time commitment is way less than it obviously is for the varsity program, but also than it would be for a D3 team, which S was originally considering until he realized that it would dominate his college experience.

    We went to visit Elon over President's week-end in February. They had their Varsity baseball home opener on Saturday, it was 65 degrees, the boys were playing baseball and there was a large and spirited crowd at the game. S was sold on the school from that experience alone! :)

    He also likes the wide variety of intramural sports. He is quarterback for his HS football team, but has no interest in playing in college. But...they have arena football intramural, which may be right up his alley! It wouldn't surprise me if he gave rugby a shot, either.

    Of course, there are lots of other things to love about Elon, but the sports opportunities is definately a draw for him.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Lafalum84Lafalum84 7382 replies150 threads Senior Member
    I can't respond to club baseball or rugby, but my daughter (freshman at Elon) was interested in club volleyball. There are so many girls who play that they apparently have an A team, a B team and a practice squad! She decided it would be too time-consuming so she decided just to play intramurals instead.

    She is also friends with several of the boys who played on an "unofficial" Elon ice hockey team. This team named themselves the "Noles" (Elon spelled backwards, lol) They had so much interest from boys who wanted to play that they had an A and a B team! For two years they played in a nearby adult league, and last fall they won that league's championship. Having proven there is sustained and widespread interest in an ice hockey team, I believe they are now an official Elon club sport - or if they aren't yet, they will be official next fall. (I think the only reason it took 2 years is that ice hockey is expensive, and Elon needed to be sure it wasn't just a small group of guys that wanted to do this).
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  • rodneyrodney 9267 replies139 threads Senior Member
    ^^update: there is now an official Elon Ice Hockey club team.........lots of hurrahs from our neck of the woods!!!!
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