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Elon University Social Life and Dorms

senior16senior16 1 replies1 threads New Member
edited November 2011 in Elon University
I recently heard that Elon is turning into a big party school and has a killer social life is this true? For current students: what is a common weekend like and What are the best dorm for freshmen? I am looking for a very social dorm. I am planning on rushing a sorority. I just wanna meet a lot of new people and make long lasting friendships. Also, is it best to find a roommate on facebook? Please help!! Class of 2016 :)
edited November 2011
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Replies to: Elon University Social Life and Dorms

  • rockvillemomrockvillemom 6941 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Ummmm....don't you think you want to wait to be accepted first?
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  • Lafalum84Lafalum84 7382 replies150 threads Senior Member
    Where did you hear that Elon is becoming a big party school? It's always been a very social place, but according to my sophomore daughter the college has been increasingly cracking down on drinking.

    As for dorms, you'll be able to rank which dorms you want (first thru 6th place) but there is no guarantee you will get your first - or second - choice. It goes in order of when you make your deposit and commit to attending. In the end, it doesn't matter where you live as long as you meet people you like there - and the odds are very high that will happen.

    Choosing a roommate on Facebook is a mixed bag. Roommate compatibility isn't based on liking the same music or same sports teams, or even playing the same sport. It has more to do with sleep patterns and respect for each others' stuff. Most people end up getting along with their roommate whether they pick each other on FB or are randomly placed. People who use FB are often disappointed though, because they think they've chosen a new best friend over the internet - and people in real life are rarely exactly as they appear on the internet.

    Sorority recruitment (its not called rush anymore) at Elon occurs during "fake break," the week between winter term and spring term. You'll hear plenty more about it and how the process works during first semester freshman year.

    And since you are very interested in partying and sororities let me give you a bit of advice: Don't be "that girl." Don't arrive at Elon and go nuts, get roaring drunk every weekend and hook up with a ton of guys. Elon is not that big, and the sororities are watching the freshmen girls. All sororities have "risk chairs" whose job it is to keep the sorority from getting in trouble. No sorority wants to let in someone whose behavior may land the entire group on social probation. No one wants someone who is known as a drunken idiot walking around wearing their Greek letters. And no sorority wants a girl who has a reputation for hooking up with other girls' boyfriends. I have it on good authority that there are girls who are NOT offered bids for these exact reasons. Be smart, or your reputation will destroy any chance you have for forming the "long lasting friendships" you are seeking.

    But Rockvillemom is right - you need to be accepted before you worry about any of this.
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