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What are the different dorms for freshmen?

leenie26leenie26 2 replies1 threads New Member
edited December 2011 in Elon University
I was just accepted but dont really know much about the dorms. I know some are all girls' but besides that am clueless on how they are generally. Is there a place on the website that could help? I have looked but couldn't find anything helpful. Or when i actually get my acceptance letter will there be information about dorms with it?
edited December 2011
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Replies to: What are the different dorms for freshmen?

  • rodneyrodney 9267 replies139 threads Senior Member
    Spring orientation in March will give you an opportunity to see all dorms available for freshman.....it's usually the second weekend of the month; all info will be in your acceptance package
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  • samtalyasamtalya 486 replies7 threads Member
    you can also go on the you tube channel, there are some videos there.
    all the housing is on the website:

    Elon University - Residence Life
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  • Scoutmom9Scoutmom9 350 replies94 threads Member
    Really freshman can be found all over campus. Here is an older link with photos but it does not include some of the newer dorms and it includes 3 that were already torn down
    (Colclough Hall, Chandler Hall , Maynard Hall)

    Residence Hall Online Tour
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  • UsernameofmeganUsernameofmegan 22 replies11 threads New Member
    Most freshmen live in either Daniely Center, Carolina, HBB, Smith, or West. Some freshmen (if you are lucky) live in Sloan, Virginia, and Colonnades.

    Daniely Center is about a fifteen minute or more walk to main campus, which I have heard is a drag. However, the flats within the center have a kitchenette, which is extremely useful. A lot of freshmen end up living here, as upperclassmen prefer not to live so far away from campus.

    Carolina, West, and Smith are all hall style. Carolina and West are both all-girls dorms, while Smith is for the guys. The rooms in Carolina and Smith are relatively large, but the dorms in West can be tiny! For example, I live in a single that was converted into a double in West that has only one closet about as wide as me for my roommate and I to share (I am only 120 pounds, so you can get the picture ;] ) Basically, we live in a 108 square foot box, but it has charm! A lot of the other dorms in West are rather large, and some even are suite style (meaning they have their own bathrooms).

    HBB is suite style living in which three double rooms share a bathroom. The rooms are quite large, but the amenities are old.

    Virginia and Sloan are both suite style living, which means that two rooms share a bathroom. These dorms are more competitive to get, as many sophomores go for them. However, if you applied early decision, you have a chance of getting them.

    Colonnades is like the place to be on campus. They are the newest dorms, and oh my gosh they are so nice. You can either be in a double with its own bathroom, a single, or a pod (basically four rooms sharing a common room and two bathrooms). It's farther from main campus than East and West Area, but really close to the business center.

    Freshman also live in Staley and Moffitt, but they are being knocked down.

    Hope that helps!
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  • rockvillemomrockvillemom 6941 replies184 threads Senior Member
    That was a fabulous summary and I would like to see more pros and cons like that. My understanding is that you have to list 6 choices on the housing application. So - for a boy - I'm thinking Colonnades first and then Smith? Daniely and HBB after that? I don't see 6 options for boys?
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  • 3garcons3garcons 50 replies5 threads Junior Member
    My son is a freshman in Virginia Hall. Co-ed floor with girls across the hall and next door. They all love it--they call 3rd floor Virginia the "fun" floor, and even get kids from other dorms(it's attached to West via a common room) and other floors coming to hang out. They have their own facebook group too. Great for freshmen, although a little dated, since it is right across from the Koury Center(gym), Moseley(student center) and Belk Library. He says that there are a handful of sophs, but mostly freshmen.
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  • UsernameofmeganUsernameofmegan 22 replies11 threads New Member
    @Rockvillemom- Like 3garcons, I would suggest he also lists Sloan or Virginia. A lot of freshmen do live within these two buildings, but many are not placed within them because they are home to some of Elon's Learning Communities (which you have to apply to be in). That being said, a lot of the learning communities are being moved to Colonnades, and some are even being moved to the new residence halls they are building, allowing more space for non-LC freshmen.

    I should also note that until the completion of the new residence halls, Moffitt and Staley are going to remain open. They are both suite style like Virginia and Sloan, but are not as spacious (the bathrooms are the size of a coat closet, for example). They are located on North Campus, which is near the arts building, only a walk from main campus, and in close proximity to the business center.

    I have no idea what the new residential neighborhood near Moseley is going to be like...I don't think many of us do. Regardless, rumor has it that Staley and Moffitt are going to remain open for the first semester of the 2012-13 year.

    By the way, sorry for the typos in my previous post; sleep deprivation is finally catching up to me.

    Anyway, if you have any questions at all about any of the residence halls or anything about Elon, I can go more into specifics. Just PM me. (:
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  • vicbytheseavicbythesea 9 replies1 threads New Member
    Too funny. My son (Dash) is also a freshman on the third floor of Virginia and he, too, says it's the fun (read: party) floor! He's made so many terrific friends there. I wonder if our kids are buddies? I agree with Rockvillemom that it's a bit dated. But it's so centrally located that it's ideal for getting to classes, the gym, library and the only dining hall that is open on weekends until 3:00 a.m. Really, I think it's the chance placement of a great group of kids that has made it so much fun for him. And next year, who knows which dorms and floors will come together and form a tight bond. It's total chance.
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  • 3garcons3garcons 50 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Sean has mentioned Dash before! As far as I know the only Learning Community in Virginia Hall is Fine Arts, on the first floor. In previous years the Honors LC was 3rd fl Virginia, but now it's in Colonnades. And yes, chance placement helped. But it is a very diverse, fun-loving, open-minded group of kids--oh and they have a "cool" RA!
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  • vicbytheseavicbythesea 9 replies1 threads New Member
    I just texted Dash that we'd "met" online and he said he was sitting right next to your son at that very moment! And, yes their RA does seem to be a cool and popular guy. Kids really seem to love their experience at this school.
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