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Chances for admission?

evcatoevcato 28 replies20 threads Junior Member
Hey everyone! Just wondering what my chances for admission as a first-year applicant are! I'll try to make this as quick and to the point as possible:

- Junior, female, white, OOS

- 4.0 GPA uneighted, 4.6 GPA weighted (prob gonna go up b/c of the APs I took this yr)

- 1880 SAT (only took it once so far, taking it again in June along w/ subject tests in May)

- Haven't gotten ACT scores back yet!

- Leadership: President of forensics and debate club, editor-in-chief of yearbook, business manager/marketing director of newspaper

- ECs: School newspaper 3 yrs, yearbook 3 yrs, Forensics and debate 2 yrs, NHS 2 yrs, Science NHS 2 yrs, Math NHS 2 yrs, Quill & Scroll Intl. Honorary Society 2 yrs, Model UN 1 yr, Open Studio 1 yr, Junior Exec Board 1 yr, Journalism Club 1 yr

- Had a job last summer at a pool, when season ended got a new job at locally owned small business doing customer service/retail (just quit), will have same job as last summer starting in May

- Will graduate with six or seven APs, four of the same foreign language, and all honors/AP core classes (along with various electives)

That's pretty much covering all the bases, please lemme know what you guys think about my chances! Thanks!
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Replies to: Chances for admission?

  • d0texed0texe 125 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Write good essays and you in bruh
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  • evcatoevcato 28 replies20 threads Junior Member
    Awesome, thanks :)
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  • dmc1418dmc1418 69 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I would agree with d0t. If you write good essays (make sure you do the "optional" personal statement and show demonstrated interest to your admissions counselor you shouldn't have any issues getting in.
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  • evcatoevcato 28 replies20 threads Junior Member
    Okay great, I'll do those things! Thanks!
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  • CTransfer2017CTransfer2017 66 replies15 threads Junior Member
    good essays and you're in-should get some $$$
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  • momothermomother 22 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Just FMI, based on your personal stats and the stats I've seen regarding admittance at Elon, I would think you are probably at or above the 75th percentile of their admitted students, and you have good ECs. Why would you question your ability to get in there? Is the data I'm seeing old and/or do they often turn away students that far up in the application pool? Am I missing something?
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  • SupruwomanSupruwoman 158 replies6 threads Junior Member
    @momother‌ Elon is notorious for being unpredictable with admissions. I'm not sure why, but sometimes students who you would think to be slam-dunks don't get in. I've heard theories about this -- the most predominant being that Elon doesn't want to be a *safety* school They really want students who want their unique program. And they want their yield rate to be high because that's important in college rankings, so I think they tend to offer admission to students who they think are likely to attend. So if the application gives any clues that Elon is only a safety (I'm guessing that would be not taking essays seriously, not doing the optional questions, mentioning another school in the essay (it happens)) they may reject it.

    Or maybe they are just looking for a good fit with their engaged learning focus and they see things in the applications that don't show up in statistics. . .maybe poor recommendations? It's really hard to know.

    I do know that it's very important to Elon that you show interest and I know that factors in to their admissions decisions. If Elon is your first choice, let them know it. If not, at least show that you are interested by sending Thank yous, complimenting what you like about the University etc. Stay in contact with your admissions rep, ask questions that show you are seriously considering Elon. This seems to be important for stellar students as well as borderline students.
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  • momothermomother 22 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Supruwoman -- That's great food for thought. We visited over spring break and S15 really liked and he definitely plans to apply. I would hate for him to get denied because they thought it was just a safety school. At this point, it is in his top three and is probably the most economically feasible, since we aren't expecting to qualify for much (if any) financial aid and would need merit wherever he attends. I'll make sure he starts a conversation with his admissions rep sooner rather than later. thanks so much!
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