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Elon diversity/attitudes?

shoboemomshoboemom 1753 replies305 threads Senior Member
I can look up the numbers to get an idea about diversity on campus, but I wonder more about the attitude and types of students on campus. Is the campus diverse as far as backgrounds and styles? Or is preppythe majority? Do you think the students are accepting and even interested in and open to different races, religions and cultures?
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Replies to: Elon diversity/attitudes?

  • lynjobeslynjobes 329 replies27 threads Member
    My son is strongly considering (top 2) Elon (decision next week) and we're from the San Francisco Area, so a very opposite environment. He still found everyone there welcome and friendly (he's a white male) and the university is really excelling. With more and more kids coming from places like California (especially Los Angeles kids are going there and like places in the South and TX), things will evolve to more diversity and more of a variety of attitudes. IT will happen naturally. We are a conservative family, largely, but my kids have always judged people on if they are "good, kind, and honorable" -- that's it.
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  • rockvillemomrockvillemom 6941 replies184 threads Senior Member
    This question comes up quite a bit and you may want to look back through threads from the past year to find more discussion. My view is that the majority of students are open-minded and welcoming. Diversity is increasing. The university is constantly sponsoring programs to promote diversity and multi-cultural awareness. There is a tremendous emphasis on study abroad and this trickles down in many ways, such as the new dining hall with a global menu. There are learning communities that focus on this issue, such as Better Together, which is designed to foster understanding among religions.

    That being said, are there students who are racist, bigoted, and just plain mean? Yes, as there are everywhere. Elon has had a few incidents over the past year. And whenever something happens, the university comes out with a strong response, as does the vast majority of the student body. I don't believe that you should hold an entire university responsible for the actions of a few, who unfortunately were raised by their parents to have such attitudes.
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