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Dorm at Elon

lemon12lemon12 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi! I am an incoming freshman girl and am wondering what dorms are the best for freshmen! I want one where i will be able to make friends easily. I know that the new global dorms and colonnades are beautiful but have heard colonnades does not have a great sense of community, is that true? I am also considering Carolina but am debating how I feel about an all girls dorm so please let me know about that as well! Thank you!
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Replies to: Dorm at Elon

  • SupruwomanSupruwoman 158 replies6 threads Junior Member
    My daughter is a freshman now. She chose Historic Neighborhood because she heard it was more social and absolutely loves it there; wouldn't trade it for anything. But she has friends all over campus and they are happy where they are too. You really can't go wrong with Elon's housing. I will say that the dorms in the Historic neighborhood do seem to have a great sense of community, not to mention it's such a pretty part of campus and close to classes. She doesn't mind the older dorm at all -- in fact, kind of likes the more "hallowed halls" feel of that area. Surprisingly she doesn't have any friends in Carolina, so I can't comment about that specifically.

    She said one advantage of the historic neighborhood socially is that the doors can be left open (they close automatically in Colonnades and Global) and the fact that there aren't little "hallways" into the room that block the view of the room from the hallway, so it's easier for students to leave doors open and have other students just stop in as they walk by.

    But, Colonnades and Global have the advantage of common rooms for students to hang out, and they are gorgeous. No worries, you're going to be able to make friends wherever you are. :)

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  • lemon12lemon12 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you so much for your help this was great!
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  • dmc1418dmc1418 69 replies0 threads Junior Member
    When I went to rising phoenix weekend last month I did the dorm tour and Global is REALLY nice, it will also be nearly all Freshman next year so you're sure to make friends. In addition to common rooms in Colonnades & Global, there will be a Global Central building with a huge common space along with other smaller communal spaces.
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  • 1stkidtocollege1stkidtocollege 14 replies5 threads New Member
    Daughter will be a Elon freshmen this fall. She has narrowed her dorm choice down to either Carolina (all girls) or Global. The obvious advantage to Global is that the dorms are new and beautiful however, she has always heard that living in Carolina is a great social experience. I wonder if Global will be as equally social once the final three dorms open this fall. Any thoughts/ insights would be appreciated!
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  • Georgia30720Georgia30720 210 replies20 threads Junior Member
    My son moved to Global this year, his sophomore year, and likes it so well he will stay next year, too. A large number of the rooms will be for freshman, but Global will also be home to a number of the learning communities when it is finished. The Fine Arts community is there now, but they will be moving all the language learning communities there this fall.

    Each hall has community activities planned by the RA, like movie nights and baking cookies at Christmas.
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  • mortgagebkrmortgagebkr 85 replies6 threads Junior Member
    my son picked the colonnades to live in
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  • mnm111mnm111 638 replies7 threads Member
    My daughter is in colonnades as a freshman this year. She loves it and will be there again next year. Common rooms, study rooms, kitchens and nice suites.
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  • daniellemfdaniellemf 10 replies0 threads New Member
    My roommate and I currently live in Historic Neighborhood and love it, but truly any place is great! She had to make a blog for her communications class and one of her posts should be able to answer all of your questions. http://asteinman24.****/ Best of luck!!
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