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Students at Elon University

luluspencer77luluspencer77 6 replies8 threads New Member
Hi, I was accepted EA to Elon and really love the school, but I am discouraged by things I have heard about Elon students? Is it true that most girls are sorority-type?
Are they mean and stuck up?
If I am a little shy when I first meet people, will this be a problem?
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Replies to: Students at Elon University

  • superstarfishsuperstarfish 3 replies2 threads New Member
    Hi! I am a current Elon student and I had many of the same concerns you had when I first came here. Elon's student body is probably its best asset because the school is full of so many friendly, enthusiastic students. Kids here are known for being very involved with a variety of activities, from religious organizations to greek life to sports to clubs specific to their major. There are more than a 100 student organizations, so even if you are very shy and introverted like I am, you can still find friends and a sense of belonging. I'm going to be honest with you in saying that the school is very, very "greek" - more than half of girls here are in sororities and a sizeable portion of the guys are in frats. However, I definitely wouldn't say that there's a "sorority type" because there's girls of all different kinds in every sorority. I am as weird and quirky as they come and I feel right at home in my sorority. Even if you choose not to do greek life, there's plenty of other fun and enriching ways to fill your social/extracurricular calendar. My favorite thing about Elon is that so many students here are absolutely CRAZY about their school. This extends not only to the school itself but to our community here. People here really look out for each other, which is not a quality you'll find at every school. I hoped this helped, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any more questions!! :)
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  • luluspencer77luluspencer77 6 replies8 threads New Member
    Thank you! This really helped put my mid at ease. I'm also visiting next week so that should help too.
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  • luluspencer77luluspencer77 6 replies8 threads New Member
    Also, this might be a stupid question but are non-sorority girls allowed to go to frat parties?
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  • SupruwomanSupruwoman 158 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I'm an Elon parent and I agree 100% with superstarfish. We are a very down to earth family from the Midwest. Our daughter (now a senior) is not the "sorority type" at all. She chose not to pledge but her best friend and roommate of 4 years is happily affiliated. DD has friends in all sororities and many other organizations as well. She goes to fraternity parties all the time -- that's not an issue at all. The campus culture is very friendly. If you haven't been there for a visit you should try to go -- that's the best way to know if the vibe feels right to you. But I just wanted to pass on that after 4 years our daughter is even more in love with Elon than she was when she first chose to go there.
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