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Merit Scholarships at Elon/GPA

G&HMomG&HMom 18 replies7 threads Junior Member
My daughter applied EA to Elon. We won't qualify for FA, so she'll need to apply for merit scholarships. We were looking at the profile for last year's students, and the GPAs seem very high! The Presidential Scholarship average GPA was 4.7 and the Honors (Fellows) Program average was 5.0. My daughter is within the range for the ACT score (31) but not close to the GPA. Does anyone know what conversion tool Elon uses when calculating GPAs? (It isn't possible for students at our school to have a 5.0 GPA, and even my older daughter who graduated with straight As and 11 AP classes did not have a 4.7 GPA.)

Anyone have experience or thoughts about these programs? Thanks!
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Replies to: Merit Scholarships at Elon/GPA

  • KatzHerderKatzHerder 63 replies6 threads Junior Member
    We asked about that when we were visiting once. They redo the GPA with only academic classes and foreign language, with (I think this is right) weighted 6.0 for AP, 5.0 for honors, and 4.0 for regular class A's. If it's not those numbers, they use 5.0, 4.5, and 4.0 respectively. I thought I had it written down... but I didn't because I thought I'd remember it! :-)
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  • sdl0625sdl0625 1107 replies13 threads Senior Member
    a few years ago my D did not get merit initially, but in April they did give it to her, while she was deciding on schools. She ended up somewhere else, but patience might work to your advantage. Also in NC they do calculate GPA a bit differently it seems.
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  • G&HMomG&HMom 18 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thank you for the info! She almost decided not to apply once she saw the GPA.
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  • mommadjmommadj 14 replies1 threads Junior Member
    If she applied EA she will get her (hopefully positive) decision before the deadline for the fellows applications. If she is in the top 10% of applicants she will automatically qualify for the Presidential scholarship and they will likely recommend she apply for the fellows. Apply for 2 (the max) to increase your chances. It's worth it if she gets one!
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