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Elon Information Session, Boston Area

fendrockfendrock 2953 replies304 threads Senior Member
edited October 2007 in Elon University
Elon held an information session for Boston area students yesterday. Here's my take:

I was astonished at the attendance. There were over 200 people there, which probably translates to at least 80 interested students.

The VP of admissions introduced herself to students standing in line and asked which HS each attends. Students were asked to put on name tags.

The first speaker (Elon '05, native of Massachusetts) asked for a show of hands for how many had visited the Elon campus and how many knew people currently attending the school. Several dozen hands up for each; good sign that those who had visited and those knowing students had good enough impressions to follow up with this session.

Several recent grads were asked to come to the front, they were introduced and we were told their majors (but not what they were doing currently). Two families with current Elon students were also introduced, all were welcome to ask these folks questions.

A Elon overview DVD was shown, then the VP of Admissions (Susan ...?) gave a Powerpoint presentation.

The Overview DVD
    Softer sell - quote from Mark Twain, many students wearing Elon t-shirts and sweatshirts in the pics
    Talking heads for the most part did not indicate who these people were or where they were from
    Required shot of football players running onto the field and cheering cheerleaders
    Showed library with dozens of computers
    Liked the snapshots of students doing internships, was impressed with their jobs
    Heavy emphasis on study abroad, later referred to by VP as "flagship" program, best in the nation

The VP Speaks
    Mentioned Elon lost to Appalachia yesterday and stadium seats 12,000
    Discussed "engaged learning," a hands on learning approach which is one of the things that attracted this mother to Elon. Courses are 4 hours instead of three, enabling activities other than coursework. Example: freshman course on literacy includes working with local community to foster same.
    More mention of study abroad, including the 4-1-4 calendar with a January term for study abroad and internships
    Described oncampus improvements, including new academic buildings, new dining (allued to "white table cloth" dining option) and housing. Singles will soon be available to freshmen.

Despite our appreciation for the engaged learning approach, my daughter and I did not like the vibe (bit too touchy-feely for us, and the graduates cheeing on the DVD - "Long Live Elon!" - left us scratching our heads).
edited October 2007
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Replies to: Elon Information Session, Boston Area

  • scuba723scuba723 139 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Aside from the the reference to the sports program (and the losing of the game), that presentation is identical to the information session held at the university during a tour of the campus.

    A group of my friends (all NC natives) went up to the school last week and explored a bit on our own before the tour; most of them were also put off by that very (as you described it) "touchy-feely" vibe exuded by the sales pitch.

    For others interested in the school but who live out of state, I do not believe a tour would be necessary... I am personally attracted to the engaged learning and study abroad opportunities (65% of the student body studies abroad), but the campus itself, while beautiful, is relatively desolate. We sat at the amphitheater for five or ten minutes on a warm Tuesday afternoon and saw a whopping three students pass by -- those enrolled may love the school, and it may receive a great deal of alumni support, but it was difficult to really "feel" the school, even whilst sitting in the middle of campus.

    As I have explained to other friends and my parents, there are individual programs and aspects of Elon that certainly deserve recognition, and I have been impressed with its ability to play to the strengths of its "small private school" status, but compared to larger public universities, such as UNC Chapel Hill (a 45-minute drive from campus), it realistically lacks some of the resources and opportunities offered by the well known publics.
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  • NCPOPNCPOP 57 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Fascinating thread here. Elon staff does exude a certain involving enthusiasm that can either be seen as a big plus, a minus or a pass. If "touchy-feely" appears inauthentic or over the top to some, it can mean students must be involved in their education and it's hard to fall through the cracks to others. Some future students appreciate the sense that involvement is fully facilitated and their early bases will likely be covered, and then may express that with genuine, if misinterpreted, appreciation later.

    Interesting. Apparently the Elon vibe for Fendrock and Scuba was a minus. My D, now a freshman saw it very differently, but that doesn't surprise me too much. I can see where different people are coming from. She seems very pleased, but that's her. At this point, at least, she appreciates the sense of community at Elon that she thought she wouldn't find as a freshman at UNC or NCSU.
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  • grantbgrantb 112 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It has been shown that students that visit have a greater chance of being accepted than those that do not. Make the effort to take a tour.
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  • NCPOPNCPOP 57 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Yes to Grant. Visiting likely improves your chances of getting in. Perhaps, more importantly, it improves your interest in going. If the vibe so far is off enough not to visit, hang it up. I think the enthusiasm that Elon reps present reflects the goal of attracting applicants that truly want to go THERE. Having said that, I think you may be more impresssed once you've had a chance to visit.
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  • njmomnjmom 374 replies24 threads Member
    I agree, NCPOP! We first discovered Elon about 4 years ago when first son was looking at NC schools. Although he really liked Elon, he ultimately chose Wake Forest, but his brother, (2 years younger) was taking it all in. He loved Elon, and put that in back of his mind for his time. He is going ED, as his SATs are on the low end, and we have been to ELon enough to see that it is a fit for him. (Takes SATs again tomorrow) We toured this summer, he had a one on one with a admissions counselor, he and his dad are going to the open house, (and Stony Brook football game!) and visiting the same admissions person again. He is an excellent student, 3 APs this year, great grades, X-country 4 years, National and Spanish Honor Societies, and lots of volunteering. He will have amazing recs, including his high school principal who just retired. Wish him luck!
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  • rhyrhy 92 replies8 threads Junior Member
    A visit is really important. We were told by admissions that they will not even consider anyone off the wait list that has never visited. Hopefully you won't be in that situation, but why take the chance.
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  • NCPOPNCPOP 57 replies0 threads Junior Member
    If your interested you'll visit. If Elon's a maybe, you might not. Elon merits a visit; it's worth it.
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