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Why Elon?

grantbgrantb 112 replies2 threads Junior Member
edited March 2008 in Elon University
What is it about Elon that was the deciding factor for you and why? (prospective student or parent)
edited March 2008
7 replies
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Replies to: Why Elon?

  • Hope2bELONmomHope2bELONmom 51 replies14 threads Junior Member
    At least for my daughter, it was the quality of the musical theatre program. However, we will not find out if she was accepted into the MT dept until March. So why apply (and be accepted) Early Decision without a definitive answer from her major? That was easy.

    Elon has a reputation of being a stellar university--not just because of the academics, but because of the students/faculty. Everyone we spoke to on campus was thrilled to be there. They all had great prospects for after graduation, and were very motivated.

    You don't just attend a college for the 4 years, but for the many years that follow. My D felt that whatever degree she graduates with, she will be well prepared at Elon. Elon helps students build quite a resume, in many different majors. So, no matter if you are entering the job market, or going straight to grad school, you are well prepared.

    So, at the end of the day, after much research (and 3 visits), we were extremely impressed with this school, and by the way,we are from California!!!
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  • rhyrhy 92 replies8 threads Junior Member
    For my daughter it was:
    1. The study abroad program
    2. The Human cadver lab (only 1 of 5 in the country for undergraduates)
    3. Class size
    4. Interaction with the professors.

    For her it was the right choice and she is very happy there.
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  • JustAMomOf4JustAMomOf4 4425 replies138 threads Senior Member
    For my daughter it was :

    1. Location - desire to go south
    2. Accredited Communications program!!!
    3. Human cadaver lab when she changed to health care

    In the end - they eliminated the Athletic training program, she didn't want pre-med, undecided about physical therapy and decided to go nursing.
    Sigh - she won't be pursuing her deferral and I think she would have had a great shot since her SAT's went up 60 pts.
    It would have been a great fit for her. This is a great school with a lot of great programs - good luck to all of you!
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  • proud_dadproud_dad 22 replies0 threads New Member
    Number one was class size. They are not kidding when they say the classes are small. For my daughter, many of her college classes are smaller than her HS classes. There really is interaction with the faculty, it's not just something in a brochure. Last semester my daughter had a professor for her chem lab (with 25 students). What state university has a professor teaching the chem lab???

    Some schools with small classes are too small to offer many opportunities in majors and class selection. But with over 5000 students, Elon is large enough to offer the opportunities of large school, but with the accessibility of a small school. Last year, as a freshman, my daughter was able to get her own radio show. Again, go to a place like Carolina, and try to write for the paper or get a radio show.

    One of the weaknesses is on campus housing. Only 20% of juniors and seniors can live on campus due to limitations. I think this reduces the "residential" feel of the campus. I think living on campus for 4 years is an important part of the college experience. Once students move off, they are often not as active in on campus activities.

    But we really love the school, my son a high school senior is waiting to hear if he can attend...(fingers crossed)
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  • OHMOM07OHMOM07 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Our D loved the Study Abroad program but she seems to be breezing through 'easy' classes which worries me a bit. Her College Writing class is very elementary for her and in retrospect, she should have tried testing out of it somehow.
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  • grantbgrantb 112 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Re: class size.
    Elon in fact caps class size at 30. There are exceptions to the rule though. For instance, I needed intermediate macroeconomics and intermediate microeconomics for me major, but they were full. So I went to my advisor and she talked to the head of the department who said it was fine to get into the classes. Labs are capped even smaller.
    Re: Study Abroad
    Study abroad opportunities was definitely one of the reasons I came to Elon. However, now that I am actually starting to figure out what I want to do, the study abroad office isn't being very helpful. They have hundreds of programs and I want to go to Australia. Elon only offers a program on the West coast in Perth. I want to go to the East coast because that is where all the major cities are while Perth is an isolated city of half a million with desert around it. So now that I've determined I don't want to do Elon's program, the study abroad office isn't allowed to recommend anything to me since they already have hundreds of programs. Instead, I'm going to apply to schools on my own as a study abroad student. It may work out for the better because I won't have to pay Elon tuition while I'm abroad.
    Re: Easy Freshman Classes
    I had the same experience as OHMOM07's D. I felt unchallenged and not very excited about many of my required freshman classes. Don't worry though, the classes definitely get more challenging.
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  • OHMOM07OHMOM07 4 replies0 threads New Member
    GrantB, I agree with you on the Study Abroad program. My D also ran into a problem with a study abroad in France. The Study Abroad office was not helpful and my D was very upset. I think it made her a little un-enamored with Elon because they made it seem they would work with yo u on any study-abroad program and it's not true.
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