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Chances Please :)

LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
edited June 2009 in Elon University
so i would apply to the business school (business administration, major concentration=marketing)

I'm a junior and my current unweighted gpa = 3.6 weighted=3.9 (should go up)
SAT: 1780 (planning to take it again in June, and I'm hoping to get at least a 2000)
SAT Subject Tests: Took French and Math in May
My current class rank is 29/166
White Female
In one of the most, if not the most, competitive public school districts in North Carolina

Currently taking AP French Language (and next year I'm planning to take AP Comparitive Government, AP Human Geography, AP English Lit, and a french class at UNC-CH

Taking online marketing class & self studying AP Psychology

**EC's** + I have the most service learning hours in my grade
-founder/co-president of the Amnesty International Club (11,
-founder/co-president of the Movie Club (11,
-Junior Advisory Guide (11) and next year one of the people in charge of the program
-treasurer of National Honor Society
-Third World Relief Club (10)
-JV Volleyball Captain + on Varisty (10)
-In Academy of International Studies at my school + A.I.S Board (10, 11,
-Graduation Project Committee

I have over 500 service learning hours by:
-volunteer at local elementary school every summer (9, 10, 11)
-voluneer at local library (10, 11)
-CIT for 3 weeks at a YMCA Camp (10)
-volunteer counselor at an Art Camp (9)
-volunteer at local walks (9, 10)
-childrens soccer coach (9, 10, 11)
-tutor for students at my school (11,
-I stay afterschool to fundraise for the Amnesty Club-which gets me more service hours

i've been to summer camps like NC State Design camp (2 summers), Savannah College of Art and Design Summer Camp (1 summer), and Minnesota College of Art and Design Summer Camp (1 summer)

I'm going to be a Governor's Page this summer

Awards so far::
NC Scholar-Athlete Award
Varsity Letter (volleyball)

and do you think i would have a chance of getting accpeted into the Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program?
edited June 2009
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Replies to: Chances Please :)

  • DougBetsyDougBetsy 5578 replies252 threads Senior Member
    I sure hope you get in b/c your scores and stats are almost a complete match for my son. Sorry, I don't know enough about that fellows program to chance it.
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    anyone? 10 char
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  • NEMOM72NEMOM72 59 replies1 threads Junior Member
    If Elon is your first choice, I would recommend applying early decision. Your stats are very good and should be enough to get you in. My D had pretty much the same stats as you and was waitlisted this year. She applied RD with Elon as a safety. Competition was incredibly stiff for females this year as they try to balance the M/F ratio. Eventually, she did get off the waitlist, but opted to attend another university that offered her scholarship money. If the economy does not improve, I suspect it will be the same next year as Elon is great school at a great value. Best of luck!
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    i'm pretty sure i wouldn't apply ED. i just don't think i could officially commit to a school that early and plus Elon isn't my top choice. i would be a full pay applicant though!
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  • lderochilderochi 1968 replies67 threads Senior Member
    What about the Elon scholars program for NC students? Did you look into that? May be too late. I think Elon is a match -- good chance, but definitely not a safety. If you can't do ED, definitely go EA. Do something to show real interest, and focus on your community work in your essay.
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    What's the Elon Scholars Program for NC students?
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  • lderochilderochi 1968 replies67 threads Senior Member
    It's not well known at all, but Elon has a program where HS Juniors in NC can apply during their Junior year. Elon University // Admissions Unfortunately it looks like the deadline has passed, and your SAT is just a little low to qualify.
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    Oh well. Any other thoughts? Does anyone know anything about the leadership fellow program?
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  • ncmentorncmentor 1330 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Have you only done 1 AP so far? - That won't help

    SAT will most likely need to be closer to 2000 for Elon

    The Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program at ELON is a great opportunity. Like all of Elon's fellows programs it is highly competitive. They look for solid leadership skills and interests. Last year 400 applied, about 100 were invited to the Fellows weekend, and 25 are chosen.
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    well, ncmentor, i have self-studied 1 ap and have taken 1 ap class this year. next year i plan to take 4 ap classes and i'm taking a class at UNC-CH. i don't like that's bad...especially for elon...and besides, my school doesn't offer LOADS of ap classes...
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  • DougBetsyDougBetsy 5578 replies252 threads Senior Member
    6 APs is fine. Don't worry about that.
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    yea i just need to focus on bringing up my gpa, and i didn't really try on my first sat so that should go up
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  • ChiDad2008ChiDad2008 81 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Didn't try on your SAT?????
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  • elgaucho09elgaucho09 3 replies0 threads New Member
    You'll most likely get in but I'm not sure about the fellows. The Sat is pretty important for the fellows and you should have about a 2000. The number of ap courses don't really matter I'd actually suggest not taking so many and just doing a quality job on the ones you do take. I was accepted to business fellows this year and i think for the leadership fellows its about the same process. Write an essay with your application and if you're invited to the fellows weekend you have an interview and on campus essay to write after you sit in on a class. Definately wasn't to bad of a process and evferyone at elon was very helpful.
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    What I meant, chidad, is that I didn't study or take practice tests beforehand... I just took the test without any preparation. So, since I'm studying for it now, I should get a higher score
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    bump 10 char
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  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - 3973 replies120 threads Senior Member
    Perhaps. Stats reveal that more fail to improve than do. Thus, no slam dunk. Certainly planning, prep, and practice should up your chances for improvement, don't you think?

    Good luck. May your Phoenix be phlying phairly high phairly soon! ;)
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    lol thanks!
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  • LolyGAGHaLolyGAGHa - 722 replies101 threads Member
    do you think i have a chance at the leadership fellow program?
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