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starcrossedstarcrossed 170 replies10 threads Junior Member
edited May 2009 in Elon University
I am a current high school junior with a UW gpa of about 3.6 or 3.7 and a weighted of 3.9 (it's so close to 4.0 and I think it might go up). I scored 1760 on the SAT (660/660/440) -- math is not my strong point, sorry! lol. My class rank is (last time I checked) 19/400

I have taken all of the following advanced/honors/AP classes:
ADV Algebra (8th grade)
ADV Integrated Science (8th grade)
Honors Biology
Honors English I
Advanced English II
Advanced Modern World History
AP Government (US)
AP U.S. History
Advanced Pre Calc (but I dropped it at the semester because I was miserable)
AP English Language and Composition

Senior Schedule (academic classes):
AP Psychology
French IV Advanced
AP Physics
AP English Literature

(#of years are what they will be next year)

Speech and Debate -- 4 years -- Officer, State Qualifier 09', Outstanding Novice, Most Improved Orator. I've competed in Impromtu Speaking (State Alternate 07') and Original Oratory. Varsity letter (150 points).

Choir -- 4 years -- section leader, Varsity Choir

Marching Band -- 4 years -- Squad Leader for two years. Flute & Piccolo. Varsity letter.

Academic Challenge -- 4 years -- JV Captain (two years) and Varsity captain (two years).

Model U.N. -- two years -- Latvia + Israel, local college simulation.

SLASH community service:

Hallelujah Raisers children's choir -- two years -- One day a week from October to May with several performances a year. I am asst. director and just a regular old volunteer (AKA babysitter).

Mrs. Oravec's Lower Elementary Class -- a couple times a year during OGT weeks I go in a read with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders!

Canton City Youth Council -- 4 years -- It's a really cool organization that works with the City Council and such in my town and we do community service stuff etc. I am the most active member.

National Honors Society -- 1 year -- I was inducted at the end of this year (as at my school, NHS is seniors only) and will start next year.

Other Honors/Awards:
3 year Academic Letter (30+ hours of community service, 3.5+ GPA, no disciplinary stuff)
OSMA Superior Column (Ohio Scholastic Media Association journalism award)
Honor Roll
McKinley Renaissance Program
OMEA Solo & Ensemble, rank of 1 (best)

I am a financial aid candidate, and my EFC is about 3,000. I will be applying to Elon Early Action, and it is my first choice!
edited May 2009
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Replies to: Chances?

  • ncmentorncmentor 1330 replies16 threads Senior Member
    You look good other than the SAT writing. Last years range was 560 - 660. (it is likely higher this year) And Elon cares about the SAT Writing score. So I would recommend that you try and bring that score up. I'm sure that your AP English Language and Composition has helped so do whatever you can.

    "I am a financial aid candidate, and my EFC is about 3,000" - Watch what you expect from any college as far as financial aid. Most schools do not say they will meet the EFC.

    Applying Early Action is a very good idea if Elon is your first choice. Make Sure you tell them why.

    Good Luck
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  • starcrossedstarcrossed 170 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I'm sorry, I should have specified: My SAT was 660 reading, 660 writing, and 440 math, hence why I said math is not my strong point. It would be pretty sad if I've been in advanced English courses, won an journalism award, and competed in original oratory and only scored 440 on writing.

    I appreciate the comment, but if my EFC is 3,000 I clearly know a thing or two about financial aid and know I'll be paying much more than that. If it weren't for the financial aid, I'd apply ED, but I can't do the financial commitment.
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  • ncmentorncmentor 1330 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Great you don't need to work on writing then... I'm sure you will figure it out but the math mid % for last year (2007-2008) was 570 - 660 with only only 5% of students admitted with less than a 500 on the math part of the SAT. Please don't kill the messenger....

    Glad you understand financial aid - ya don't do ED, lots of horror stories on CC about doing that and needing FA.

    Not trying to discourage you AT ALL - as a mater of fact I think that you are way ahead of the pack because you know you want.

    I hate that the SAT is so important when it comes to getting into and paying for college. If it were up to me I'd pick every smart kid who also had the devotion to be in both Choir and Marching Band. Not to mention everything else your doing.

    Studying for the SAT is useless in real life but college is not real life.

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  • starcrossedstarcrossed 170 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I'm going to retake the SAT in October and actually do some practice tests this time. I'm pretty sure the absolute highest I can hope for is a 500, because frankly, I am mathematically ****. I do okay in class when the teacher is telling us exactly what kind of problem it is an what unit it's from...but on the SAT there's not any of that! lol. But thanks!
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