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How would our daughter fit in?

justwonderfuljustwonderful 80 replies18 threads Junior Member
edited May 2009 in Elon University
We are taking our daughter on a campus visit to Elon this summer, and I'm a bit worried about a summer visit because I don't think we'll get to see too many students. I have found that some of the beautiful Southern schools are populated by beautiful people, and I'm wondering if this would be a good description of the Elon students. It's great for them if it is, but I just want to make sure that we help our daughter find a good fit. While there's nothing alternative or radical about her appearance at all, she's just not into worrying about hair, makeup and trendy clothes, so I want to make sure that wouldn't be something that stands out at Elon. She's planning on being a theatre major. Thanks for your thoughts!
edited May 2009
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Replies to: How would our daughter fit in?

  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - 3973 replies120 threads Senior Member
    well, if you read some of the posts in this forum, you'll better assess your own question in light of your knowledge of your daughter's personna.

    But generally, Elon has been very intentional in recruiting OOS, predominantly NE students from prep schools and upscale suburbs, especially students whose parents have the ability to pay the bargain-priced tuition. They are beginning to diversify their student body, award more merit aid, but that is not simple absent of the resources to do so. Generally the scheme was to ID and recruit those good, not great students who wanted a "Southern" school but could not gain admission to Chapel Hill, Davidson, Wake, Duke ...And they found those students. George Keller's book explains this well should you want an up-close analysis of the resurrection and rise of the Elon Phoenix.

    Ironically, beyond geography, climate and a minority of Southerners, most of the "belles" you'll see are from the likes of NJ. Still, no doubt grits and gravy are regularly on the menu in the cafeteria.

    btw, I hear the communications major is a big draw. Don't know of the theatrical component ...
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  • ncmentorncmentor 1330 replies16 threads Senior Member
    If she was lucky enough to get into Elon or any of the other of the top theater major schools than I would think the last thing she or anyone else would worry about is her "hair, makeup and trendy clothes". Elon is first and foremost about great teaching so you will see a lot of respect for professors and the school that makes students and teaching their#1 priority.

    That said; most of Elon's students come from the "Northeast" not the South. Elon attracts excellent students, and because of the way they have structured their tuition (some others have said) it is often an attractive choice for families of bright students that are going to be paying the full cost of college themselves. So Elon is a great school, charges less than comparable schools, is good choice for full pay families, and to the extent that students from these families are "beautiful people" then perhaps some of the projection may be true.

    My S is a beautiful person but his advantage in life is limited to having a M&F who love him. He decided to attend Elon because he visited many times and enjoyed the spirit of the school. He found more student involvement on Elon's campus than at any other he visited.

    I would encourage you to visit and not let the "beautiful Southern schools" thing get in your way. Have fun and know that your D will fit in just about anywhere she decides to.
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  • noccamtmomnoccamtmom 39 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I totally agree with ncmentor. Elon is a wonderful school academically and the professors are top notch. My son is a Theatre Design and Production major at Elon. We are from New Orleans and my son has noticed that alot of the students are from all along the East Coast. This factor does not make a difference to him nor does how someone dresses. He measures someone by their character and their work ethic. I have visited the campus a couple of times and have seen more kids that looked like they just rolled out of bed than those that spent hours primping. When my son came home for the holidays he looked like he had not shaved since he left home in August. When I asked him if he forgot what a razor was he said that there was a drive to go "green" on campus and conserve water by not shaving. I just laughed and never mentioned it again. I truly believe that if you show your child unconditional love and support they will thrive in life. My son loves Elon and is so glad that he was given the opportunity to attend.
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