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corey91corey91 736 replies166 threads Member
edited October 2009 in Elon University
Hello! I am just hoping to get some insight on my chances of getting into Elon. I understand that being a home schooler makes it more difficult to chance me but just look at me like any other student.

SAT Scores:

1st time: 1510 [CR:620, M:440, W:450, E:6]

2nd time: 1780 [CR:690, M:520, W:590, E:8]

3rd time: 1760 [CR:700, Math:500, W:560, E: 8]

Super Scored: 1810

I know my scores are VERY low but I will be taking one last time in Oct. and I've been studing and hopefully bring the math up to 600 and the writing up to 650, if I can I'd like to bring the CR up to 750.

SAT II: Literature 650

ACT: 26 [E 26, M 24, R 31, S 23]


I have a working student under the UNC-Chapel Hill Equestrian team coach/PE Teacher for the past 5 years.

I worked as a waitress for 8 months, as a groom for 6, and I have been a weekend barn manager for the past 1 1/2 years.

I was on my Church's youth Council for 4 years, VP for 1 year.

I've been teaching beginner riding at a summer camp for the past 3 years.

I've bought, cared for and trained my horse (ex-racehorse) from the ground up with no financial help from my parents. I am very committed to her and that is where the majority of my time is spent out side of school when I'm not working.

GPA and Courses

My GPA is currently about a 3.7

9th Grade English - A
Algebra 1 - A
Physical Science - B
US History - A
Piano Theory - A
Spanish 1 - A
Equine Work Study - A

10th Grade English - B
Geometry - B
Biology I* - A
World History - A
Computer Technology - A
Spanish 2 - A
Equine Work Study - A

11th Grade English - B
Algebra 2 - B
Chemistry I* - A
World Geography & Civics - A
Sociology* - A
Intro Business* - A
Equine Work Study - A

AP English (online)
AP American Government (online)
Spanish 3 (online)
Pre-Calculus (online)
Equine Work Study

Biology II*
Astronomy I*
Business Law I*

Astronomy II*
Chemistry II*
Micro/Macro Economics*

*Taken through dual enrollment at local Community College.

Recommendation letters will be from my Trainer (UNC PE teacher/coach) and my Sociology teacher (from the CC.

I will not need financial aid and I am a NC Resident.

edited October 2009
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Replies to: Chances?

  • 3boymom3boymom 35 replies1 threads Junior Member
    If Elon is your first choice for college, I think your best shot at getting admitted is to apply for an early decision. You clearly have good critical reading skills as well as demonstrated passion and leadership capability in areas of interest. If you write convincing essays and perhaps focus them on your aspirations by identifying possible career paths that build on your strengths and how Elon is a fit, you may well convince the admissions board of your drive and viability as a student. Some people are lopsided in their skill set, and strengths fueled by passion often overpower weaknesses in the course of their lives. College boards know this and sometimes look for this type of student to add to their mix because they want to enrich their student body with different kinds of students and can see long term potential. To be honest, I’m not so sure additional SAT/ACT test-taking will do you much good as all of your scores to date are more or less in the same range in each category of measurement. So, if Elon is number one on your list, it’s worth a shot to apply in the ED round where you may get more serious consideration because it's a binding admission. If not, I can think of some other schools in your area off the top of my head where you may find your fit just the same… Roanoke College, McDaniel College, Catawba College, Campbell University, Western Carolina University. Good luck!
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  • NervousParentNervousParent 101 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It's easier to get in as a transfer student than a freshman, so keep that in mind if you absolutely, definitely, positively want to go to Elon. My daughter got in as a transfer, after being rejected as a freshman. But, of course, you have to do well at the college you are at for your freshman year.
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