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On-Campus activities

merkurmerkur 220 replies36 threads Junior Member
edited November 2009 in Elon University
Some commentators/reviewers have suggested there is next to nothing to do in town at Elon. Does the university provide on-campus activities, such as campus-wide events, dorm community events, etc., so that students have more to choose from than fraternity parties or driving off to Greensboro, Chapel Hill, or wherever? Can any current students or parents please comment?
edited November 2009
5 replies
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Replies to: On-Campus activities

  • secondoneinsecondonein 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
    My D is a freshmen--and LOVES it! SO much to do..she cant do all of it! Her RA sets up LOTS of activites for the kids--movies, dorm dinners, contests, nerf football games at least three nights a week! Thats just in her dorm..on HER floor. Football games are well attended, this past weekend was agaisnt APP state and was sold out! They go in full ELON gear with face paint and all! TONS of lectures, drama productions.

    My D does got to town often--As some resturants do take Elon dollars! Its nice to get off campus..this week she was at Target to stock-up, out to dinner for friends B-Day and to movies.

    I know there was a fan bus to WAKE this fall for the WAKE ELon game! Tons of fun! FYI greek life is BIG!
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  • merkurmerkur 220 replies36 threads Junior Member
    That's good to hear, thanks! All this and Target, too?! How do things go if you aren't greek?
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  • ncmentorncmentor 1330 replies16 threads Senior Member
    My S is not greek and my biggest compliant is that he's so busy attending things that he never gets enough sleep... He's having a great time at Elon.
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  • 1 Sky Pilot1 Sky Pilot 537 replies21 threads Member
    From a student's perspective...

    There really isn't that much to do in Elon if you're comparing it to say, a city. But there are tons of shopping places, and restaurants along with a movie theater and a bowling place. Unfortunately, you really need a vehicle to get anywhere because walking along certain roads can be super dangerous as there is no sidewalk and barely any shoulder room. There is the Bio bus and zip cars though. And good luck finding an internship in the area.

    On campus there are plenty of activities going on, even if you're not into Greek life. There are generally two or three "cultural events" per week which consist of performances by students and/or professionals (you'll probably be required to attend at least ten for your global experience class; I recommend the performances, the speakers are so-so), movies on the lawn, midnight meals, and the student union board usually has some event going. A few weeks ago there was an outdoors Clue tournament where students played an Elon version of the Clue boardgame (prize money included). Intermural sports are popular too. The gym also offers outdoors trips and random fitness classes. As for dorm events, it really depends on where you live and who your RA is. I live in a learning community but my RA doesn't seem to like people in general so....:p. SOL As a hall we've just been taking initiative and creating our own activities.
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  • ncmentorncmentor 1330 replies16 threads Senior Member
    YouTube - Rave in Belk Library

    Rave in Belk Library at Elon... Fun use of the Library...
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