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Emory vs Colgate vs Hamilton

alexis6alexis6 Registered User Posts: 111 Junior Member
edited November 2010 in Emory University
I'm looking to apply EDII to either Colgate, Emory or Hamilton
My scores pretty much can make all 3 so now I have to think about other things
Can anyone tell me differences or similarities?

which one is more prestigious/more well known?
which one you would pick etc

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Replies to: Emory vs Colgate vs Hamilton

  • citylife873citylife873 Registered User Posts: 131 Junior Member
    Kind of hard to compare. Emory is a big national university, while Colgate and Hamilton are smaller liberal arts colleges I believe. The weather at Emory is better than the other 2. I've heard from friends that liberal arts colleges have much tougher grading than most top universities. I don't think any of them are very well known by the general public.
  • alexis6alexis6 Registered User Posts: 111 Junior Member
    also, i'm an international student if that would make any difference
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,201 Senior Member
    Alexis: Don't worry about prestige. All 3 of these will do if you do well. They all are known enough.

    We can't decide for you. However, you should know that Emory is a bit different from the other two. You first need to decide rather you want a smaller liberal arts school or rather you want a much larger "liberal arts research university". This will make a key difference in how courses are structured and on the size of the courses. Without proactivity, Emory will certainly be less intimate than the other two. This intimacy is what makes to LACs special. Decide what programs you are interested and decide for yourself. I can't tell you to choose Emory because I don't know what you are looking for. If you want a smaller environment, throw Emory out. Also, to be blunt, you are more likely to consistently have excellent profs. at those LACs than at any top 20 research university as the primary focus is bound to be teaching. Emory is one of the few that is at least trying to make the researchers into excellent lecturers/teachers. It works most of the time, but it certainly doesn't all of the time. However, nothing is more rewarding than having an excellent lecturer that is currently at the top of their research field (Frans de Vaal for example). It guarantees that your knowledge goes beyond the books as said profs. will certainly explain how the material is currently being applied in their own lab. Also, accessing the research (humanities, social sciences, natural/hard sciences, w/e) is so easy being at Emory, and better yet Atlanta. Both types of institutions have advantages and disadvantages.

    citylife: Let's get real. Emory is more well-known than most universities. It might not be as well-known as our peers, but our peers don't constitute most of the institutions in the U.S. The school is reputable enough to get respect amongst employers and those in academia. It is also reputable enough to get over 15,000 applications, which means that once people found out about us, it was at least worth an application. If the school wasn't prestigious enough for you (seems like being a top 25 isn't enough), you should have transferred if it matters so much. All 3 of the ones mentioned are respectable among those who matter plus the OP can get an excellent education from all 3.

    Describe "tough-grading". Swarthmore is known for being one of the most rigorous colleges in the country and yet has an average graduating GPA of 3.5+. Emory and most top southern private schools hover around the 3.3-3.4. I would not propose that Swat students are more motivated, as we probably have more pre-professionals that are driven by grades. Southern schools are known for tough grading. Liberal Arts Colleges are known for heavier out of class workloads (more rigor), but that doesn't mean the work is graded harshly. Unless the average graduating gpa is below 3.2, a school is not really grading tough. Most top schools grade higher than 3.2 (privates above 3.3), with exception of most engineering schools.

    alexis: Being international simply decreases your chances of admission to these no matter your stats. lol. Actually, it's not funny. It does normally make it harder unless you are URM. Being international, however, does not help me decide what type of school you want.
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,201 Senior Member
    Citylife: If you want more people to know about Emory, tell them about it yourself instead of saying one should not come because it's not well-known enough. Many institutions would love to be Emory's position. The burden to do such a thing cannot be solely put on the administration. The alumni have a lot to do with it too. They can help by telling about Emory if they liked it, or simply displaying the school's greatness through their own achievements.
    Yeah, because coming to an institution too new to be as prestigious as many of it's TOP 25 peers will prevent one from getting an excellent education. That is so petty.
  • citylife873citylife873 Registered User Posts: 131 Junior Member
    I was trying to give an unbiased reply. I used this site when I was applying to college and I think that's important for people to hear the good and the bad. I got into Johns Hopkins and chose Emory over it. It was an OK school but I don't think it's a hidden gem or anything.
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,201 Senior Member
    Most of the top 20 are only OK. I don't hear of JHU being that great for undergrad. either. I know some people who have complained that the classes are allowed to get a bit too large and that the amenities are not that great. Many of the top 20s are relatively good schools (or excellent compared to most), but are perhaps too hyped up over. Often this results in disappointment, especially amongst students that are elitist in some way or another (academically, socially, w/e) where enough is never enough. It also depends on personal experience and what you are attending a school for. Clearly some schools are better than others for certain programs, and said schools don't have to be in the top 25 overall either. My experience has been more than Okay, and I really don't think I could have had the same experience at another school that wasn't of similar caliber. Of course the school will be only be okay if you are on a high-horse and merely want to compare it to our peers. But the big picture is, the school is darned good overall compared to most institutions. Again, I only came in with the expectation that I was going to get good quality teaching, mentoring, w/e, not that it would have good X vs. Y(any top 25 institution). Perhaps it was for the best that I did not get too caught up in the comparative approach.

    Also, you can't really give an unbiased opinion on such an issue. Because different students value different things. You, for example think it's Ok due to some factors, some would find the school pretty good (like me), some will find it awful. Because one thing that you present as a disadvantage can be viewed as trivial or even advantageous to others.

    Normally, only facts/truth is unbiased, but its presentation can introduce a bias. I'm willing to admit I'm biased, because things have been going well for the most part. This doesn't mean I think that there are no weaknesses. I have presented what I perceive as weakness over and over again.
  • icfireballicfireball Registered User Posts: 317 Member
    From what I hear Colgate is quite preppy. One of my friends visited and said it was too much like a country club. More so than Wake Forest and Vandy.
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