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D1 Basketball at Emory?


Replies to: D1 Basketball at Emory?

  • eastafrobeautyeastafrobeauty 2333 replies97 threads Senior Member
    I took the survey. I love basketball...so if emory had a D1 bb team that would be so sickk! That way there could be more school spirit AND more exposure/free advertising for Emory :D but c'mon let's be realistic :/
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  • TJC747TJC747 424 replies86 threads Member
    I agree^

    We can all dream about this but likelihood of it happening is slim.
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  • icfireballicfireball 308 replies9 threads Member
    ... says the person going to Duke.

    Massgirl92, you might view it it as silly wishful thinking, but if everybody thought like you, no one would ever attempt the improbable. You can call us crazy, but we are the ones that change the world. Only leaders with vision would ever do what the detractors say is impossible. You're not an entrepreneur or a leader, and that's fine... we can't all be.

    If I had told you at the turn of the 20th century that people could fly in vehicles 20,000 feet in the sky to get from Atlanta to Chicago in 2 hours, would you have believed me?
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  • el duqueel duque 283 replies27 threads Member
    I don't know, Emory will do some pretty ridiculous stuff if it makes them a large sum of money (i.e. dig up and replace the plants every Friday or cut football). I think if someone or some group makes a large donation with the condition that it's used to start a D1 program, Emory would take it and go D1.
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