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Placement Tests

huangshirleyhuangshirley 40 replies11 threads Junior Member
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Does Emory have placement tests that need to be completed before orientation in August? or do they use AP credit?
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  • bernie12bernie12 5436 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I believe Chem, Spanish, and German have them, but you take them during Orientation. I am not too sure about the languages I mentioned. I just know that two have placement test and I believe the ones I allude to are among those. Someone correct me if I am wrong. AP credit doesn't matter for chem. (if you AP out of 141, I believe you still have to do placement for 142, but I'm not sure). I would imagine for languages, if you do sketch on a placement test for a language for which your transcript indicates proficiency, they will fall back on the AP/HS experience and credit because some try to place into levels they know are easy by simply rigging their score to be lower than what it should and could be. If you get past that, sometimes demonstrating too much proficiency within add/drop/swap week of your level will prompt the prof. to kick you out and place you at least a semester (if not a whole year) higher. If placed too high and you don't feel comfortable, no one will stop you from enrolling at a lower level.
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  • 10817361081736 200 replies71 threads Junior Member
    Is it the same with IB?
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  • bernie12bernie12 5436 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Yeah. IB credit gets you 1 semester of bio or chem. However, if you have IB chem. credit, you really should just take freshman orgo. Gen. chem will be a complete waste of your time if you have upperlevel IB. Taking orgo. could significantly clear up your sophomore schedule. I imagine language placement is also treated similar to AP.
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