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Chance me for Emory, please? I chance back!

followthewingsx7followthewingsx7 2 replies7 threads New Member
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So, I really want to go to Emory ED1. I'm still a junior, so I still have senior year to go.
My ECs are really weak...

SAT: 2200 (I haven't taken the actual one yet, this is a real practice test I took my sophomore year)

GPA: 3.8 UW 5.2 W

School Type: Super-competitive public in Central NJ

APs: APUSH (5)
Taking AP Language and Composition and AP World History this year
Senior year: AP Statistics, AP Bio, AP Spanish Lit, AP Calc AB, AP Literature and Composition, AP Gov

SAT 2s: US History (800), taking Bio, Spanish, and Math Lvl2 this year

-8 years of flute and band
-Marching band
-volunteer at a hospital
-Spanish Honor Society
-Interact Club

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Replies to: Chance me for Emory, please? I chance back!

  • seiclanseiclan 4031 replies151 threads Senior Member
    You are in good shape for Emory ED1 acceptance. You do need to visit the campus and take a tour at some point this year. You should also attend the local information session for Emory in your town. If you go to any college fairs, go up and meet your local Emory admissions rep. Document all of your contacts (listed above) on your common application supplement (there is a place to check off each contact that you have had with Emory).
    Emory wants good students who want them.

    Incidently, Emory doesn't give any credit for AP World History (or AP Human Geo). They will give up to 24 credits (for a total of 6 AP exams that you pass with scores of 4 or 5) for your other classes though. My son took 13 AP's in high school, and that was what we learned when he was awarded his AP credit at Emory.
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  • followthewingsx7followthewingsx7 2 replies7 threads New Member
    Thanks. I heard Emory really likes interest and will take people who show interest. Do I need to improve my ECs?
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  • seiclanseiclan 4031 replies151 threads Senior Member
    I think it is too late to add to your EC's. Anything that you start now will be seen as a ploy to "look better on paper". Colleges are more interested in what your passions have been for the past four years. I think you will be fine. As long as your SAT's are decent (as in, close to what you have been getting in practice), I think you should get in.
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  • chazsfchazsf 403 replies0 threads Member
    I think your ECs are fine. Colleges prefer long term commitments, not broad brush grazing.

    Besides showing interest, put some effort into your personal statement.
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