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Oxford and Emory

VirginiuhVirginiuh 194 replies51 threads Junior Member
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So I am applying to Emory and I was wondering if applying to oxford will affect my chances at emory. ultimately, i want to end up at goizueta but i am not sure if i want to go to a smaller part of an already pretty small school. and i hear that oxford is not as prestigious. i dont know, let me know the differences and whatnot, im so confused!
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  • aigiqinfaigiqinf 3842 replies190 threads Senior Member
    Admissions decisions are made independently, so applying to both Oxford and the College of Arts and Sciences will not any any way affect your admissions decisions.
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  • VirginiuhVirginiuh 194 replies51 threads Junior Member
    so, basically, might as well apply? do you have to send in 2 transcripts?
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  • aigiqinfaigiqinf 3842 replies190 threads Senior Member
    No, you only have to send one transcript.

    However, do your research and apply to both if you think you might be a good fit for either. And if you do decide to apply to Oxford because you "might as well," I would urge you to seriously consider whether it's a good fit for you--don't come here and complain 24/7 because it's not the big city atmosphere, but that you'll put up with it because you want the Emory degree.

    Also, while the admissions statistics seem to indicate quite clearly that Oxford is less competitive, the figure I've been quoted is that more than 100 applicants who applied to both the College and Arts and Sciences were admitted to the Atlanta campus last year and denied admission to Oxford. (Again, noting that these decisions are made entirely independently.)
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  • whenhenwhenhen 5530 replies111 threads Senior Member
    Agree with Aigiqnf that you need to seriously consider whether you'd be comfortable in a school that is, in many ways, the polar opposite of the main Druid Hills campus. Personally, I love Oxford, but there are some students here who were so blinded by the prestige of the Emory name that they chose to spend two years at a school they knew from the beginning was an awful fit.

    With that said, here are some of the differences between the main Druid Hills campus, and Oxford:

    -Smaller classes: This semester I'm only taking intro courses. My largest class has 31 students, and my smallest has 9. Even though the main campus boasts an extremely impressive student to faculty ratio, most popular intro classes will have over 100 students.

    -Rural setting: The town of Oxford actually bans commercial activity, so the only things there are trails, houses, and Oxford College. However, the next town over, Covington has plenty of chain stores, restaurants, etc, most less than 3 miles away from the college. The bike ride to those places is fairly easy, and if you don't have a bike, the gym has plenty to loan out at no cost.
    For those students who want to get away from the Oxford bubble, Emory runs shuttles to and from Oxford from about 12PM-2AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and a couple times each day, Mon-Sun. Additionally freshmen are allowed to have cars, so plenty of students bring theirs. Both of my roommates have them, as do plenty of my friends.

    -The size: Oxford is small. Tiny actually. There's only about 940 students, and it takes about six minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. Whether that's a good thing or bad depends on perspective. Sometimes I love being able to go into Lil's (the cafeteria) and immediately see five friends, while other times I just want to be a face in the crowd, which is much harder at Oxford than at Main.
    The other issue with the size difference is that in general, the Druid Hills campus has more course variety, since there are almost 6,500 more undergrads spread across all four years (and this doesn't even include all the grad school classes).

    The Social Scene: The CC posters who claim any school can be a party school if you want it to be obviously never heard of Oxford. Because sophomores are required to live in residence halls, students have to go off campus for bigger parties. For many freshmen that means taking the shuttle to Main campus and partying on frat row, while many of the sophomores visit continuees. That's not to say there are no parties on campus, but generally speaking if people are going to drink at Oxford, it's in a dorm, with at most 7-8 of their friends.
    During the weekends, Oxford can be a bit dead, since most school or club sponsored activities end around 10ish, but there's usually something to do. The main campus generally has more stuff to do on weekends, but since I don't go there yet, I can't comment on what students do besides going to parties.

    Anyways, if you want clarification on anything or have any more questions, feel free to PM me.
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