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My chances to Emory University

jsjsjs11jsjsjs11 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
edited January 2014 in Emory University
Hi, I'm applying to Emory University ED II for both colleges as an international student. I'm Asian.
MY GPA is 3.73, my SAT is 2040, CR 590 MATH 710 W 740
I have pretty good EC, Essays and rec letters. Please chance me..
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Replies to: My chances to Emory University

  • jsjsjs11jsjsjs11 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    SAT II : Math Level 2 800 Chem 560 World History 540
    AP : Calculus BC 5, AB subscore 5 World History 3
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    Would have been nice if you got the CR in the 600s. Also, only send the BC, AB, and math 2 scores (I would only send SAT 2s when the scores are over 650). They'll help you some. You have a chance, they just aren't anywhere near as good as ED1 (less people are accepted in ED2).
  • jsjsjs11jsjsjs11 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Thank you for the advise!
  • riceiloveuriceiloveu Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    I think you have a good chance. What major are you planning to apply?
  • jsjsjs11jsjsjs11 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    I'm applying to Music major. I'm also thinking about double majoring in psychology and music.
  • megan702megan702 Registered User Posts: 313 Member
    pretty good chance! are you capable of paying?
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    megan: They have a chance, but it isn't "good". 1300 basically puts him at the 25% of admitted students. Having a score below 600 certainly doesn't help. When you are at the bottom quartile, it's always up to some sort of luck. Could they handle Emory, of course, but will they get in, can't tell. Certainly not the greatest of chances. Also, you're assuming we won't have "flux" this year. The applicant quality could shift and they'll set the bottom quartile to some else. Even if it doesn't shift, if it grows, they may do like several other schools and decide to cherrypick based upon this growth. If it was RD, chances wouldn't be good, but with RD, they are "alright" and not as bleak.
  • megan702megan702 Registered User Posts: 313 Member
    @bernie12 aw well where you chance me then for Emory? (already got into USC Honors and GaTech)


    I thought his chance was good because he won't be competing against domestic students but rather international students? or is it actually harder because he's international? :/ I'm confused
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    Oh yeah, I was going to say that if you got into Georgia Tech, you have a great shot at Emory. In theory, stats say that Emory is less selective than Georgia Tech. We "admit" much lower than Tech and then basically yield students of identical caliber. It's rare for cross-applicants admitted to one to not be admitted at both, however, when one is denied/waitlisted at one but not the other, it's usually Emory simply because our group of peer institutions is different and the class we're filling is significantly smaller ,especially after one accounts for the amount admitted through ED rounds, which is around 1/2 or even more. Yeah, the issue with Emory is you're applying RD so Emory, is probably about to get very choosy to perhaps bring up its stats some from the ED round. In addition, it could be a little harder this year because demonstrated interest is not being taken into account. This means that they may be less into yield protecting than a normal year. If the admissions dean was serious, they will certainly be thinking of yield, but will ultimately end up shooting for the best students and become willing to risk a little on the yield. Basically, this year, the student that has a 1500+ (M/V) may be much more attractive than in previous years where it could be assumed that, in many cases, they aren't coming to Emory. I think they may go half-way in playing the game that the peer institutions play where they cherrypick a significant portion of students with radically high stats and then hope that they are ultimately denied admission from other peer institutions. Basically, the students that get yield protected may become primarily the ones that have ECs that suggest that a top 5-10 school will want to scoop them up for their talent. At many outside of HTPSMCt, a perfect scoring/grade student can very possibly be waitlisted if they've say won or is a medalist in IX(insert physics, biology, math, or chemistry)O (not worth admitting when another school will likely not only admit them, but treat their talent better. Everybody knows where these medalist matriculate and rarely is it outside of schools absolutely excellent in their field of talent).

    I digress though. I only read your first post in that thread: You have a great chance based on last year. If the dean is very serious about turning Emory admissions around, then it's maybe only a "good" chance (you applied RD?). Your chances really don't matter now though because you already applied. Your chances are certainly better for Emory than most of those places. I'd hate to see you end up at Emory if you otherwise wouldn't consider going. Do you actually think it's similar or good enough to some of those places you applied to such that you'll end up reasonably happy at Emory if you don't get into say Georgetown or the Ivies? Hey, at least if you're still interested in chemistry, you'll likely end up happy if you come to Emory considering the new building and curriculum that is coming.
  • megan702megan702 Registered User Posts: 313 Member
    @bernie12 That really sucks that demonstrated interest doesn't matter now. I wonder why they would not want to protect their yield as much anymore? It feels weird to compare Emory with GA Tech. Tech has a higher acceptance rate, but is it just because the applicant pool is that much smarter? (or has higher stats?)

    Yes, I applied RD. I only applied to the Ivies because my Asian parents made me. My top choices are actually Georgetown and Emory! I really like Emory because of its location, academics, and atmosphere, but I would go into undergraduate business my third year to Goizueta if I go to Emory.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    It's a technology/math and science sort of school, so like MIT, it has a self-selected applicant pool that, in the case of Tech, is of higher caliber than institutions ranked near it. It doesn't need to have a very large applicant pool to admit or yield similar students to those at say top privates and publics like UCLA, USC, Berkeley, Emory, and Georgetown. It just makes sense. At almost every school, on average those with the highest incoming statistics end up in science, math and engineering. As you've seen, even most elite schools separate engineering admissions from say, the liberal arts/arts and sciences entity. And in such cases, the stats of the applied and admitted students is quite a bit higher than an already amazing student body in the other entities.

    With that talent in chemistry and math, you want to go to the business school? Come on.....I hope you consider picking up a major (math, CS, chem, something where those analytical abilities you have can be honed) in the college alongside the BBA that lets you solidify or develop it a little more, because elite BBA programs won't do it (they'll provide great networking and such and some cool EC opps, but outside of that..probably not better than in the college). Don't misplace your talents. Don't get me wrong, the BBA program is amazing for what it is, and has great job placement, but may not be very stimulating to you academically, at least not on its own. Georgetown and Emory (especially us, I think we have the advantage over them in STEM) offer far more academically to those like you than just the BBA programs. Plus pursuing and strengthening other academic interests may also make you more marketable.
  • aluminum_boataluminum_boat Registered User Posts: 1,539 Senior Member
    I saw you on campus today. Wouldve said hi, but you were pretty engrossed in a conversation about mcat scores
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    haha, I pmed you. Feel free to say hi the next time. I stopped mid-conversation when Dr. Eisen came past for example lol.
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