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How is the Emory Student Body on Main Campus?

OddKid26OddKid26 25 replies7 threads Junior Member
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How are Emory students? Are they nice and friendly in class or are they all out for themselves?..Is the environment cutthroat or collaborative? Is it really full of cliques as it is rumored to be?
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Replies to: How is the Emory Student Body on Main Campus?

  • bernie12bernie12 5436 replies10 threads Senior Member
    It has its cliques as many private schools will (some people from certain regions come from the same high schools), but that doesn't make them impenetrable by any means (I feel like people who always mention that as an issue are often not outgoing enough or may be cliquey themselves, you know...they have a problem joining a group of friends or rather just meet one person at a time. Something weird). In general people are pretty friendly and collaborative. Though I must say that curved pre-med courses (not very common to be honest. I think orgo. is the only class to have sections that curve grades) have the phenomenon of having many top students who will not necessarily help others (other than like besties and significant others). It often seems that B students are more collaborative in those sorts of classes while A students seem more "protective". I don't think it's a conscious thing in many cases (often courses that are exam based just have no community feel, so you expect these sorts of observations to develop. Collaboration of all students is more common in classes like biology where many instructors give group assignments/case studies and things like that). I think it just ends up like that. An A student is often just more independent and will more likely to help others in the lab component for some reason. Often they'll be more willing to collaborate in much more difficult courses (or ones where students have more uniform caliber). And usually these courses aren't mostly for pre-meds (they're more mixed with students interested in grad. school and other things or are outside of the sciences. Nobody outside of the pre-med intro/intermediate science courses really seem to care).
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  • OddKid26OddKid26 25 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thanks bernie! lol you always come to the rescue when it comes to Emory questions.
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