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Emory ed ii- help!

tinaaaaaaxietinaaaaaaxie 4 replies3 threads New Member
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I applied to Emory's Early Decision II and I have a few questions about the admissions process. Any feedback is appreciated!

The Emory Admissions website didn't state the deadline of submission of the mid-year report. Does anyone know the last date to send in?

What is the weight/significance of senior mid-year grades. I have only gotten a B out of the 8 IB/AP courses I took in my junior year. Yet, as for this year, my courseload is AP Bio, IB Chem HL, IB math methods, IB spanish V, IB English IV, IB TOK, and IB 20th century history. Many of the courses are significantly harder and therefore my grades aren't great. Mid-terms are over and I predict that I might get 4 B's out of the seven IB/AP courses I am taking. Will that hurt my chances of admissions?

Please offer some suggestions! Emory is my first choice and I would love to know more about the admissions process! Thanks.
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Replies to: Emory ed ii- help!

  • BigHeadBunnyBigHeadBunny 34 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Straight off the website: "all applicants to Emory/Oxford are required to have their high school guidance counselor submit the mid-year report and updated senior year transcript by February 15."

    Hope this helped.
    As far as the B's, downward trends are never a good thing to be blunt, but who knows sounds like your rigor is good so that might compensate for it. Hard to tell w/o other info/ w/o being an admission counselor.
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  • tinaaaaaaxietinaaaaaaxie 4 replies3 threads New Member
    But the decision notification date is 2/15...does that mean they won't consider the midyear reports?

    Also, when does Emory send out notifications, as in when does emory finish making decisions?
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  • BigHeadBunnyBigHeadBunny 34 replies4 threads Junior Member
    No, they consider the mid-year reports, why else would they want them? The deadline is the way it is likely due to the fact that some schools release their mid term grades at different times and Emory wants to accommodate those people who get them later in January. The mid-term grades are mostly a check on whether or not you are maintaining your level of achievement and are not slacking off (Having multiple C's or a D might result in the need of a written explanation from my understanding).

    As far as notifications, you can expect you decision on your OPUS account on Feb 15 for EDII, however they might release them a couple days in advance (they will announce this ahead of time) like they did with EDI where we got them about 3 days early. Good Luck, might be in my class next year!
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