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Social Life/Campus Activity

Barbiegirl123775Barbiegirl123775 3 replies5 threads New Member
Hi Guys! I have some quick questions about Emory. I recognize that Emory is a great academic university, but i'm having trouble determining whether Emory is the best fit for me! My biggest questions are:
1. What is the social life and campus activity revolved around? Meaning, I know at some schools, like UMich, the emphasis is around sports, while others, like Dartmouth, have a dominating Greek system. Others even have such big cities that the activity buzzes around the surrounding city, like NU.
2. Is Emory a suitecase school? Meaning do kids come and go through Atlanta and therefore, due to the big city, the campus isn't as active? Do so many people go out to city on the weekends that I'd have to beg my friends to stay on campus?
3. How heavy is the drinking scene at Emory? If I don't join a sorority, will I feel left out?
4. For students, what is your favorite and least favorite thing about Emory?
5. Overall, how has your been experience been? How is the student body overall?
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  • bernie12bernie12 5436 replies10 threads Senior Member
    1. More like Dartmouth, but Greekscene is large yet less influential than many cultural and other campus organizations.
    2. Campus is very active during week (as in lots of events) and pretty active on many weekends, however weekend events often have a much lower profile, so are harder to find out about. However, honestly nothing is wrong with going out into Atlanta using the Lennox shuttle or whatever on weekends.
    3. You'll be fine. You can still go to their and other parties.
    4. Alumni, so I don't count. Typically people love the academics, but hate the lack of traditional, sports generated school spirit and how the lack of it lowers the overall profile of the school (although to be honest, I feel like that's good because I wouldn't just any old person with high scores and decent EC's to be interested in or end up coming to Emory).
    5. Great for me (maybe lesser so for others. I molded my academic experience really well and had cool, more intellectually oriented, but not to point of being stuck up friends). Quite pre-professionally oriented, but appears to be diversifying because of the increase in interdisciplinary depts. and majors and the increasing entrepreneurial spirit. Many students are also very wealthy and sometimes it shows....if you know what I mean. Very diverse, but often cliques can form based upon the presence of pockets of students coming from the same region (and possibly even HS).
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