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Anyone who got accepted to Emory???

atlantatataatlantatata Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
I am applying either RD or ED2 to emory. From those who got accepted, or even rejected, do you guys mind sharing your stats? (maybe like gpa and sat or act score) I want to see if my gpa and score is okay since i am really discouraged by my stats... Thanks!

Replies to: Anyone who got accepted to Emory???

  • anxiousteenanxiousteen Registered User Posts: 153 Junior Member
    Accepted: ED1 Emory College and Oxford College

    GPA (UW): 4.0
    ACT: 28 (28M 31E 28R 26S)
    Declared Major: Environmental Science

    AP Course Load:
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Enviromental Science
    AP Physics I
    AP English Language
    AP English Literature
    AP Psychology
    AP Statistics

    ECs (nothing special)
    1. YMCA tutor (11-12)
    2. FIRST Robotics (10)
    3. VEX Robotics (11-12)
    4. Thrift store warehouse volunteer (9-12)
    5. Wetlands research (12)
    6. Guitar player at local music academy (9-12)

    Awards: nothing significant


    I think my personal essay and short responses were my primary strengths (my personal statement was about milk).

    I suppose they also saw me as someone who would contribute to diversity in the campus. I'm originally from the Philippines, and I've only been living in the US for five years. I speak 3 languages/dialects: Filipino, English, and Bikol.
  • ctricksterctrickster Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Accepted: ED1 Emory College

    GPA (UW): 3.8
    GPA (W):4.1
    ACT: 34
    Declared Major: Biology

    AP Course Load:
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP English Language
    AP English Literature
    AP Statistics
    AP US History
    AP Micro Economics

    Co-Captain of Debate Team (10,11,12)
    Lead Actor (9,10,11,12)
    Stage Crew (9,10,11,12)
    Veteran Leader of Improv Team (10,11,12)
    Member of Audition Choir (10,11)

    I also had a huge amount of service from service trips and from stage crew. On top of that I wrote a great personal essay about living overseas. Diversity wise I lived overseas for three years but besides that I am as average as they come.
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    @ctrickster : Yes, 3.8 and 34 is average for an Emory ED1 average lol....nope. Don't think so. Something is interesting though. I wonder if they are seriously expecting some increase in overall apps: http://news.emory.edu/stories/2016/12/er_early_decision_class_2021/campus.html

    They seem mighty confident only admitting like 26% of those who applied to Oxford. But then again, since they have a lower number of applicants to begin with, I guess their admit rate is far more sensitive to changes in size of applicant pool, especially since they can only take 400-500 per class anyway. Taking 190 is basically like admitting a quarter (perhaps on the high end. I'm thinking many ED1 applicants admitted Oxford were also admitted Emory so many will yield Emory) of the class through ED1.
  • SlyDawg315SlyDawg315 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Accepted: ED1 Emory College

    GPA (UW): School only does weighted
    GPA (W): 3.7
    ACT: 32 (34,33,32,29) 10 essay
    Declared Major: Biology

    AP Course Load:
    AP U.S History
    A.P Environmental Science
    A.P Macro
    A.P Bio
    A.P Comparative Government

    Rowing 9-12
    Band 9-11
    NHS 11-12
    Lots of service

    Worth noting I'm a legacy, too.
  • BiffBrownBiffBrown Registered User Posts: 452 Member
    @bernie12 The article you linked says that of, 190 Oxford ED1 admittees, 61 were also admitted to Emory.

    So, assuming conservatively that all 61 choose Emory College over Oxford College and a final Oxford class size of 190, Oxford has already admitted 26% of its incoming class via ED1.
  • BiffBrownBiffBrown Registered User Posts: 452 Member
    * I meant a final class size of 500.

    (190-61)/500 = .258
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    @BiffBrown : Yep, I am also assuming a few will opt out but yes, I guess 1/4 has already been admitted. Maybe they do predict a better turn out for RD or perhaps they want to control yield better. Interesting since ED has been increasing steadily (especially ED1), but it looks like RD and total app. numbers has found a new plateau that it wants to oscillate and hover close to (20k), kind of like before 2 years ago, the hovering was around 17.5-18k (except 1 or 2 years when there was bad PR). I am wondering if they think they will break that again.
  • colga09colga09 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Accepted: ED1 Emory College

    GPA (UW): 4
    GPA (W): 4.5
    ACT: 35
    SAT2: 790, 750
    Declared Major: Biology

    AP Course Load (13 classes taken):
    Human Geography (4), World (4), Lang (5), Bio (4), Calc AB (5), USH (4) - 5 classes senior year

    Captain of Debate Team with 3 state titles and multiple national wins
    Captain of literary meet with state title
    Model UN consecutive winner
    Youth advisory council with multiple leadership positions
    Multiple Honor Societies
    Lots of volunteering
  • chemmchimneychemmchimney Registered User Posts: 712 Member
    Fyi Oxford applications were up over 50% this year which likely accounts for the lower % ED admit rate this year
  • dlee627dlee627 Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
    What were the separate acceptance rates for ED1 in both Emory and Oxford?
  • bernie12bernie12 Registered User Posts: 5,293 Senior Member
    edited January 2017
    like 31% for Emory and about 27% for Oxford (guess they wanted to avoid people who were super unlikely to yield)
  • cravingivycravingivy Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    Accepted: ED1 Oxford College
    Rejected: Emory College of Arts and Sciences

    GPA (UW): 3.6
    GPA (W):4.2
    ACT: 30 (28M 31R 36E 26S) ...I don't wanna talk about it
    Declared Major: Biology / Anthropology and Human Biology (Second Choice)

    AP Course Load:
    AP Biology
    AP English Language (5)
    AP Statistics
    AP US History (5)
    AP American Government

    HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) - Member of officer team & placed first at state last year, international finalist (10,11,12)
    Participated in a competitive summer internship program for high school students at a well-regarded hospital in my area (Summer before senior year)
    National Honor Society - really involved in service despite not joining sophomore year, I didn't feel like paying the $70 fee oops (11,12)
    LOADS of community service hours for Child, Youth, & School Services

    Common App: I'd give it an 8/10. It was a really humorous anecdote of something that happened to me freshman year and how I grew from it. Felt like it really spoke about who I am while still being light-hearted and something that (I hoped) admissions officers would remember when reviewing applicants.
    Emory Short Answer: I chose the prompts about ideal college environment & the biggest challenge facing our generation in the next 50 years. I thought these were really good. I definitely worked on perfecting these because this is where they're testing to see how thoughtful of a response you can create in such a short word limit. For the one about ideal academic environment, I basically described myself being at Emory without actually mentioning Emory. For the generational challenge prompt, I talked about race relations and sold my liberal soul to the admissions office. Both were completely genuine though, don't get me wrong. I loved them.

    Teacher Recommendations:
    Rec 1: Maybe 9/10? This one was written by my favorite teacher in my entire high school experience. She told me (vaguely) about what she talked about and it seemed really detailed and genuine, not just briefly describing me.
    Rec 2: 7/10 or 8/10. Not sure. She knows me really well; she's been by homeroom teacher for two years and also my AP Stats teacher this year, so she's seen me in two different academic environments.

    Not an URM, no real hooks, middle-class white kid in a wealthy suburban public school district. Wish I had taken more APs, wish I had worked harder for a higher GPA. My mom was diagnosed with cancer my junior year and that definitely took a toll on all of us (and my GPA), but I didn't mention it in my app because I was afraid they'd think I was making excuses or something. I'm not gonna lie, my GPA and test scores weren't on par with main campus' averages. But there were definitely some with stats lower than mine so I might've set my hopes too high.

    Overall, I can't lie and say that I was really bummed about not getting accepted to main campus. I fell in love when I toured in October. I was heartbroken. Oxford is really amazing too though, so I'm not angry about it by any means.

    P.S. There were probably 700 typos in this, I apologize. Please disregard. And best of luck!
  • dietdrpeppersdietdrpeppers Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Accepted: ED1 Emory College

    GPA (UW): 89.7 (my school is on a 100 point scale)
    GPA (W): 92.5 (I started freshman year with one honors and ended it with most APs so thats why my weighted gpa isn't that much higher)
    SAT: 1420
    SAT2: 710 (chem)
    Declared Major: Computer Science

    AP Course Load:
    Senior year I have AP Bio, AP Comp Sci, AP French, AP Calc AB, AP Art History, and on-level English

    Other APs:
    AP Chem (4)
    AP Physics 1 (4)
    AP Lang and Comp (4)
    AP US History (5)
    AP Euro (5)

    Currently leading a coding club at my school
    Was a research assistant for a project at Winship Cancer Institute (they're at Emory so I think that helped me a lot)
    Some service stuff
    Babysitting (counts as paid work and stuff so I added it anyway)
    Part of a program at my school where I get a "distinction" in my diploma for research on a general topic outside of classes
    Took a class for credit at Emory from their pre-college thing

    **note for the poster: Since my stats were lower than other ppls I was super scared when applying too (I pretty much coasted my freshman, sophomore, and half of junior year lol), but just make sure to take into account that Emory is super holistic and so on top of stats they also pay close attention to ur essays and ECs. One thing that helped on top of my ECs were my essays, not even bc I'm a super strong writer or anything, I just had a unique narrative to talk about. Pretty much try not to stress bc once you submit its no longer in ur hands anyway, so no matter how much u compare urself to others (whether it gives you confidence or not) it won't change the outcome of admissions. Even if you dont get in tho, I'm sure you'll totally get into an equally great school. :)
  • dlee627dlee627 Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
    What was the admit rate for Emory ED1 this year?
  • chemmchimneychemmchimney Registered User Posts: 712 Member
    31% Emory, 27% Oxford is what appears in the thread above
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