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Does legacy help at Emory?

chb088chb088 932 replies31 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 963 Member
Does legacy status help at Emory?
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  • bernie12bernie12 5413 replies10 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,423 Senior Member
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    Yes...they even suggest so on the admissions website. Note that it needs to be like a sibling or a parent I am pretty sure.
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  • chb088chb088 932 replies31 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 963 Member
    Hmm, it’s a grandparent. I’ll have to dig deeper.
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  • BiffBrownBiffBrown 420 replies39 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 459 Member

    From the Emory admissions website:

    "How does legacy admission work?

    We value the legacy connections of applicants and encourage students to detail their university ties accurately on their application. In the admission process, legacy status is for applicants whose immediate relatives have graduated or are currently enrolled in an academic division of Emory University. This includes grandparents, parents, and siblings. Additional family connections (such as uncles, aunts, or cousins) will be tracked but do not constitute legacy status. The Admission staff works closely with the Emory Alumni Association (EAA) to document legacy applicants through the admission process. A legacy connection is considered as part of a student's application, but it is in no way a guarantee of admission in the highly selective pool of applicants."


    This passage from Emory admissions says Emory grandparents confer legacy on grandkids who are applying. You're in luck.
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