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Blaze991Blaze991 592 replies42 threads Member
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Is accessing Atlanta using MARTA relatively hard or relatively easy, specifically is it easy to travel from Emory University to Five Points?

From what I understand, one must take a bus and then hop on a train to get to Five Points from Emory. This seems rather easy, however, if the system is poorly run then it could be a mess. I am interested in knowing because I am an Atlanta Braves fan, and I plan on going to some Braves game. On this note, I am unusually intrigued by one dollar skyline tickets for Braves games. As long as one arrives early, these tickets are apparently fairly easy to buy. Man, I can't wait to get to Atlanta, hit up Turner Field for one buck, and then mack on an overpriced hot dog.
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  • LlyndynLlyndyn 102 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It's relatively easy to get there from Emory, and may be more so in the future as the Emory shuttle service is expanding. Also, your freshman RHA staff will probably take you to a Braves game at some point. :-) I heard it was a lot of fun, but I didn't go because I'm a baseball snob (it happens when you live 15 minutes away from Victory Field).
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  • dsouthrendsouthren 76 replies26 threads Junior Member
    i'm just hoping its easy to get into the city-i wanna hit some jazz clubs and good shopping
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  • zachdhudsonzachdhudson 13 replies1 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation New Member
    Little five points is literally only about 5 minutes away by car. Granted, freshman can't have cars but it's not terribly hard to find someone willing to take you/go with you.
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  • amadaniamadani 485 replies37 threads Member
    MARTA is pretty reliable and not that bad considering it is public transportation. i wouldn't worry too much about getting around; you should be fine.
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  • scrapiron215scrapiron215 151 replies15 threads Junior Member
    I too want to go to a Braves game once I get to Emory, but I am definitely not a Braves fan. I'm from Houston and I'm an Astros fan. Hopefully I can go see one where the Stros play the Braves.
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  • dgeblldgebll 477 replies1 threads Member
    we take cabs everywhere. they are all around campus, especially at night. especially as a freshman without a car, when you want to get off campus, that's the easiest way. it's expensive though. thats one benefit of greek life too: upper classmen who have cars/will sober drive.
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