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Chances at Emory?

RachelDickensRachelDickens 13 replies9 threads New Member
edited July 2006 in Emory University
I'm a caucasian female from an upper-middle class suburb of St. Louis, MO.
GPA UW/W: 3.51/3.91
ACT: 32 Composite
SAT IIs: 700 Math 1-C, 730 English Lit.
APs: Spanish Language - 3, English Language - 4, Psychology -5

Freshman Year Schedule:
Honors Geometry
Honors English I
Honors Spanish II
World/US History I (no honors offered)
Freshman Physics
Concert Choir

Sophomore Year Schedule:
Integrated Mathematics II (Alg/Trig. equivalent)
Honors English II
Honors Advanced Spanish III
Sophomore Chemistry
Chamber Choir (Audition Required)
World/US History II (no honors offered)

Junior Year Schedule:
Honors Biology
Honors American Literature
Integrated Mathematics III (Precalc equivalent)
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language
Chamber Choir
*American Government is required by the state of MO to graduate. The course is significantly more rigorous during the Summer, so I took it this past June/July and recieved an A+.

Senior Year Schedule:
AP English Literature
AP Biology
AP Statistics
AP World History
AP Homan Geography
Spanish Literature/Film

Newspaper Editor (2004-2006)
Winter Musical (2003-2005)
Student-Run Musical (2005-2006)
United Way Community Service Organization (2002-2006)
Community Service Club (2003-2006)
Tri-M Music Honors Society (2004-2006)
Chamber Choir (2003-2006)
Gay/Straight Alliance (2003-2006)
Mock Trial (2003-2006),
Model United Nations (2004-2006),
Spanish Club (2003/2005-2006),
Big Sister/Little Sister (2003-2006),
Drama Guild (2003-2006),
One-Act Plays (2006),
Arts Fair Steering Committee (2004-2006),
Human Rights Club (2004-2006),
Chemistry Club (2006),
Art Club (2005-2006),
Honor Roll (2005-2006).

I'm a strong writer, and I'm highly interested in politics, so I plan to double major in English and Political Science. I'd like to attend Law School after earning my undergraduate degrees.
edited July 2006
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Replies to: Chances at Emory?

  • Blaze991Blaze991 592 replies42 threads Member
    Your ACT is good enough. You seem rather involved in high school. Because you're a good writer you'll probably be able to write anwell written and interesting essay. My only concern for you is that your GPA is a little low. Getting good grades next semester would help your cause.

    You seem rather political. It's worth mentioning that Emory leans to the left. (to prove this, simply facebook "conservative" and "liberal" and you'll see a difference) However, with that said, Emory is not like.. Evergreen State or Swarthmore -- it has a strong number of conservatives, esepcially among the business majors.

    Also, the Carter Center is great for poli-sci internships.
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  • RachelDickensRachelDickens 13 replies9 threads New Member
    Yeah, my GPA is slightly awful, but I'm working on it.

    It's interesting that you mentioned Emory's leftist leaning, because I'm much more comfortable with Emory than say, UVA, which I'm also applying to, for that reason exactly. I'm rather liberal, but I'm quite content with the amount of political diversity at Emory.
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