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Emory Scholars vs. Duke

gmf05gmf05 Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
edited March 2006 in Emory University
Pros and cons of each anyone? What would you suggest, and why?
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Replies to: Emory Scholars vs. Duke

  • vtoodlervtoodler Registered User Posts: 2,111 Senior Member
    What do you mean emory scholars vs. Duke? I don't understand the comparison.
  • chocoholicchocoholic Registered User Posts: 2,995 Senior Member
    gm probably means, being a regular student at Duke as opposed being an "Emory Scholar" which is a merit scholarship, at Emory. I don't know what Emory Scholar entails besides money, are there other perks, like Honors classes, travel, etc?
    I would go for the money, as both schools are very good.
  • copper45copper45 Registered User Posts: 182 Junior Member
    That's a joke right. You're getting free tuition at a school nearly on par with Duke and all these other ridiculous advantages as an Emory Scholar.
  • Devil May CryDevil May Cry Registered User Posts: 1,351 Senior Member
    A school on par with Duke? Emory? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    Not exactly. Duke is ranked 4th in terms of getting people into Harvard and Yale Medical School and Yale Law school. Duke is better than half of the Ivy league according to usnews. You must ask yourself one question: if money were not an issue, where would I want to spend the next four years of my life?

    See you at Duke bro'!lol
  • copper45copper45 Registered User Posts: 182 Junior Member
    First of all, I said "nearly on par". I understand that Duke is more academically respected but in terms of colleges, Emory is an extremely good school and so is Duke, so I think I am validated when I say "nearly on par." Secondly, what gives you the right deride Emory and act like a dolt on the Emory board. To the original poster, do you really want to go to school with someone who acts like that.

    Cookiemonster and I are hanging out in my dorm right now a little messed up having a good time. COME TO EMORY! IT'S FUN AND COOKIE IS SUNBURNT.
  • Devil May CryDevil May Cry Registered User Posts: 1,351 Senior Member
    Copper, I made no offense. LOL relax, I am not "dissing" your school. Second, what gives YOU the right to pass judgment on Duke just because you thought that I was being obnoxious. I know both are good schools. However, Emory is not nearly as respected as Duke in terms of getting people into top grad programs. FACT.
  • Devil May CryDevil May Cry Registered User Posts: 1,351 Senior Member
    PS: Look at this post from one of my buddies, incollege88 for more needless validation.

    "I posted this before on a Duke vs. Emory forum, but I think it's appropriate again. Let Emory speak for itself on the matter, based on these quotes from its student newspaper (The Wheel):

    "...Emory will forever be mired in mediocrity and will never escape the shadow of schools like Duke (N.C.), Harvard (Mass.) and Stanford (Calif.) universities."

    "If the administration hopes to compete with the national reputations of Duke University and Stanford University, it must vastly improve how they treat the undergraduate population."

    "If we believe Emory should be more than a babysitting squad for students who could not get into Duke University (N.C.) or the University of Pennsylvania, we should start acting like it and begin a serious dialogue about concrete solutions to bring a sense of community to our campus."

    "After all, the Woodruff gift is the reason all of us are at this university and not at home wondering why we didn't get into Duke University (N.C.)."

    By the way, you might wanna look at these data for the number of kids from the following undergraduate schools at Harvard and Yale law schools last year:

    Harvard University 294
    Yale University 170
    Princeton University 99
    <<<Duke University 90>>>
    Stanford University 86
    Columbia University 74
    Brown University 70
    University of California - Berkeley 60
    University of California - Los Angeles 57
    Cornell University 56
    University of Pennsylvania 51
    University of Texas - Austin 50
    Georgetown University 38
    Dartmouth College 33
    Brigham Young University 33
    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 30
    University of Virginia 28
    Williams College 26
    Amherst College 23
    Rice University 23
    University of Chicago 21
    Northwestern University 21
    <<<Emory University 20>>>

    Duke has over four times as many kids at Harvard and Yale law than Emory, and Emory is a lot more generous with merit aid. Everything that is negative about Duke applies to Emory as well, but Duke has a ton of positives that Emory doesn't have and not as many negatives as Emory. I think there shouldn't be too hard a decision here!!!"

    Copper, I like you, but I must be REAL when it comes to a decision of this magnitude.
  • cookiemonstercookiemonster Registered User Posts: 134 Junior Member
    i second copper!

    and for real, you have no idea the advantages scholars get. id pick a scholarship with first dibs on housing and classes at a top 20 university over a slightly better school ANYDAY
  • cookiemonstercookiemonster Registered User Posts: 134 Junior Member
    oh yeah and i really am sunburnt, from the steeple chase today with KA but it was WAY SO MUCH FUN and ive never been sunburnt in april before, this is exciting!
  • renotserenotse Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    My D is struggling with a similar dilemma as the OP, plus throw Harvard into the mix. D has been awarded the Emory Deans Achievement Scholarship (2/3 tuition). She has been accepted RD to both Duke and Harvard.

    She and I were in attendance at both Blue Devil Days and Emory Open House recently (she is scheduled to go to Harvard’s open house towards the end of the month). While attending meetings on both campuses inevitably the question, “what other schools are you considering?” would be posed to my D. Her answer was “Emory, Duke and Harvard”. The typical response at Emory was very defensive of Emory’s qualities and critical of the other schools perceived negatives. At Duke the response was “those are all wonderful schools, you can not make a bad choice”. I was left with the impression that Emory is trying to be something, and Duke is comfortable with what it is.

    Emory was continuously selling the “fit and feel” intangibles while Duke was talking about results. One telling group of statistics came out in the sessions. Duke places 90% of pre-law students in Law School and 80% of pre-med in Med School. For Emory it is 70% pre-law placed and 50% pre-med placed. These speak directly to the quality of the programs and students. Seems that Duke attracts students who are more results oriented and Duke’s programs provide the vehicle for them to succeed at a much higher rate than at Emory. Emory, on the other hand, seems to be a better place for those students who value the experience more than the result.

    Incidentally when we compare the total cost to attend after merit and need aid the lowest out of pocket is Harvard then Duke and finally Emory. At this rate it seems hard to justify being a “Scholar” at #20 school versus just a regular student at #5 or #1
  • newabcnewabc Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    I didn't even apply to Duke because I heard that too many classes were taught by TAs. Also, I wasn't a big fan of the extreme emphasis on sports. While the basketball team may build school spirit, I'm much happier that we have atheletes who win awards year after year for excelling in both sports and academics. Duke is also bordered in part by some sketchy areas, whereas Emory's neighborhood (Druid Hills) is gorgeous.
    I'm a Scholar at Emory currently, and for the other perks, look at the Scholars website. But the program does pay for you to go out to dinner with other scholars ($20 a person) up to 5 times a semester, there's a Fall retreat, and other things in addition to the class/housing priority and scholarship. If you're so stuck on rankings though, go to Duke.
  • renotserenotse Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member

    Have you been to Duke? The area around Emory is every bit as "sketchy" as Durham. That is my first hand assessment.

    We were at both campuses on consecutive spring days. While both have their strong points, Duke's 9k acres provide a pocket of beauty, security and seclusion that Emory's 600 acres can not hope to match. Not to mention the train running straight through both the main Emory campus and the Claremont campus.
  • vtoodlervtoodler Registered User Posts: 2,111 Senior Member
    I would choose Emory.

    renotse, what do you mean by "sketchy?"
  • vtoodlervtoodler Registered User Posts: 2,111 Senior Member
    I visited Emory two weeks ago, and the surrounding neighborhood is nowhere near ghetto or shabby.
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