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USC vs. Emory

DBODBO 43 replies6 threads Junior Member
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USC (Southern Cal) vs. Emory

Intended Major: Business
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Replies to: USC vs. Emory

  • crs1909crs1909 1188 replies29 threads Senior Member
    West Coast vs. East Coast
    LA vs. Atlanta
    DI vs. DIII
    Hot Girls vs. So-So Girls

    My point is, we need more info than USC vs. Emory for Business if you want helpful responses.
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  • DBODBO 43 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I'm not asking you to put yourself in my shoes, I'm asking you to pick which you think would be better suited for yourself. Thus, no more information is needed.

    So, if you had to chooses between the two Universities, where would you go?
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  • robbygrobbyg 283 replies37 threads Member
    EMORY! but I guess I'm a little biased. USC is huge, and you go into the business school immediately... which can be a good/bad thing, depending on your perspective. At Emory, you apply to the B School at the beginning of your 4th semester, so even though you have to take a few pre-reqs your first 2 years, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of electives. dunno much about the USC program, 'cept that my (unprepared) friend is drowning in it
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  • ohman442ohman442 106 replies46 threads Junior Member
    DBO, I got into both schools (i'm a sophomore at Emory now), and I intend on doing business at Goizueta. I was strongly considering USC for it's location, academic strength, weather, and alumni network. Also not to mention that I live in Maine and have always wanted to be in California. However, I ended up picking Emory inevitably because it has a stronger program and it is a better school overall. Also, I like the size of Emory's undergraduate class. I think it's perfect because you don't know everyone, but when walking across campus you're bound to see a few people you know. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either school, but I'm really glad I picked Emory, and I wouldn't trade my education for the world.
    Also, when applying to schools, I really thought I wanted to go to a place where I would be starting right off in the business school and not have to take any Gen. ED. ********, but really, that completely changed for me once I got to Emory. Before arriving, I was pretty certain that I would just be majoring in business (no other double major or minor of any sort), but now I will most likely be double minoring in French and Linguistics, as well as pursuing a BBA degree with double concentrations in Consulting and Venture Management as well Real Estate. If I hadn't gone to Emory, I doubt I would've explored the area of Linguistics, and I doubt I would have continued my studies in French.
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  • DBODBO 43 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Awesome response, thank you.
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  • NoFearNoFear 39 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Im from LA and I regret choosing Emory over USC. Trust me you want to live in So Cal!
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  • pigsruleyoupigsruleyou 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I currently live in SOCAL, trust me USC would be a very large mistake, last year 4 of my friends went to USC and only 1 will be returning this coming fall, the others hated everything about the school... It may have a good academic reputation but Emory's is better, Goizietta is the 5th ranked undergrad business program in the nation! on top of all of this USC is in the slums and the school is a series of cliches you would expect from a bad movie about life in high school, yes theres the jocks and the preps and the nerds and the goths... I'm attending Emory this fall and could not be happier about my decision
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  • DBODBO 43 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Word, I'll be going to Emory next year. Thanks guys.
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