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Chance a man for Emory :O

another5005another5005 19 replies6 threads New Member
edited July 2008 in Emory University
Race: Chinese(born in China), live in Georgia

SAT: 1460/2090 (770 Math, 690 CR, 630 Writing)
SAT2: not yet taken (probably 700's for Physics/Math)
GPA: 3.93

Freshman: Ap Human Geo, Gifted 9th Grade LA, Gifted Bio, Health/PE, Gifted Geometry, Honors Span II
Sophomore: AP World History, AP Bio, Gifted Algebra II, Gifted 11th Grade LA, Hon Span III, Gifted Chem
Junior: AP Chem, AP Physics B, AP US History, Ap Lang & Comp, Gifted Pre-Calculus, Hon Span 4
Senior (projected): AP Statistics, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C(both), AP Econ/Gov, Honors Literature, Web Design & Development

AP Scores (don't know if considered):
Human Geo: 4
Bio: 5
World History: 5
Chemistry: 2 (no idea)
AP Lang & Comp: 3
Physics B: 5
US History: 5

Extra Curriculurs:
not good, a lot of sparse stuff, Cross Country, various clubs, no real leadership roles, pretty much lacking

800+ hours so far

Is there anything left I can do for my couple months into Senior year that might help my chances?
edited July 2008
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Replies to: Chance a man for Emory :O

  • dna3dna3 208 replies21 threads Junior Member
    is there any way you could get some leadership roles? even if you just chair a committee or lead a project within a club, it's better than nothing... otherwise, i think you have a good chance.
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  • pigsruleyoupigsruleyou 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm not sure if I should be a prime example of the normal students that get into Emory but heres my stats: ACT:33 GPA: 3.83 (weighted) but i'm in about a thousand extra curriculars and I'm an eagle scout... I applied to a lot of schools that are supposedly harder to get into than emory and was denied from them all, somehow though emory liked me... Ironically it was the most highly regarded school I applied to and one of the only i got into... I think Emory's admissions are different from every other school in the nation, they look for students who are more than just the numbers and if you're strong enough without the numbers they will take you anyways... of everyone i know that applied to emory, I had the lowest stats of them all and I'm the only one that got in...

    I know alot about college admissions, i just gave a lecture at UCSD about the college admission process so feel free to ask me anything
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  • another5005another5005 19 replies6 threads New Member
    It's a little late for me to really work on my EC's so any last minute tips such as essay writing or how to sell myself would be appreciated. Thank you both for your input so far.

    From what I gather, my SAT's and GPA are average regarding to a school like Emory. I will have taken probably the most rigorous schedule available at my school which I would assume most of the applicants at Emory did as well. Somehow I just want to make it a point that I enjoy a lot of quirky stuff that most Asians really don't which I don't know if it will help me or not.
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  • wantittobeoverwantittobeover 3 replies2 threads New Member
    Hey, if you know a lot about that stuff, would you mine looking at mine?
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  • pigsruleyoupigsruleyou 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I actually worked with a dartmouth admissions officer on my essay and what schools are looking for, this is it in a nutshell: First you need to show deep thought, the essay needs to reflect analysis. Secondly you need to make yourself unique "oh I lost my grandmother and it was the hardest thing in my life" won't fly, what makes you different from every other applicant? My essay was about how I interpretted American Sign Language for the police in an investigation of a Deaf family, most people aren't fluent in ASL and never get an experience like that. Finally you need to show how you can contribute to the school, not just that you have great school spirit and am really smart, but that you are going to make the school a better place by being there... I strongly believe that the essay is most important aspect of an application...

    The admissions officer had me do this: Once you've finished the filling in the blank section of your application (everything but the essay) get a piece of paper and write down everything you're application says about you. Most people are suprised to find out that they don't fill up half a page. The essay is there to give the admissions officer more insight into the person you really are, not just your accomplishments and the activities your in, but who you are!
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  • pigsruleyoupigsruleyou 9 replies0 threads New Member
    wantittobeover sure i will, you have another thread somewhere?
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  • js1091js1091 122 replies8 threads Junior Member
    you have very good stats (better than mine were.) I would just suggest that, if you havent already, start working on your essay asap. Work on your ECs - Tutor kids (perfect job, you look smart, helpful, and it pays pretty well.) Try to find any leadership role possible (even if it seems like a stupid position to you, play it up - write about how the position gave you a new perspective on life or something.) If you can try to find some easy courses you can take outside of school like a community college course or online course. I did this and I think it is what set me apart from other applicants. The classes are not difficult but it shows that you really go out of your way to learn, and that you really enjoy it. Plus, if you do get in, you will be able to transfer these credits.
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  • another5005another5005 19 replies6 threads New Member
    Thanks for those tips. I will try as hard as I can to establish some sort of leadership role in the fall of Senior year (don't know how plausible that is). I am also going to try and start some type of online business, maybe small just like an eBay store or something selling sunglasses. I've already started on my essay and done research as how to be original (not really possible but you get the idea) with it.

    Also, do you guys know how the financial aid at Emory is and if they are indeed need-blind when looking at admission? If my family is under the $50,000 income mark will the LRG really cover almost all the cost to attend?
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  • lalala44lalala44 19 replies3 threads New Member
    In regards to the question about financial aid: If your family makes under $50,000 per year, then the Emory Advantage program will guarantee that you (the student) will have no need-based loans. No guarantee is made about your family's overall contribution, but Emory guarantees to meet 100% of demonstrated need. This means that the maximum that your family will pay would be your EFC amount, which will most likely be quite low for families in your income range. You can always apply for additional outside scholarships, as well (every little bit counts). And yes, Emory is need-blind.
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  • Nick017Nick017 928 replies40 threads Member
    Being in GA helps. But don't join 6738 clubs or start BS ones now, that's flagrantly phoney. The tutoring was a good idea, as was (obviously) to write a unique essay, but I think your a match. Keep in mind, you don't want to come across as a typical mathhead, you want wellrounded, so if you can write something and get it put in some magazine or paper...
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  • 181818181818 347 replies34 threads Member
    I know very little about Emory but from what I have read in general your 800+ hours of work means something at most colleges and is an EC. I expect it would help to explain your situation on the application. You shouldn't feel like you haven't done anything when you have put in that kind of time! It definitely shows responsibility and dedication and maybe some leadership depending on the job.
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  • another5005another5005 19 replies6 threads New Member
    Thanks for all the input guys, really appreciate it. I'm just really trying to decide if I want to put in an ED to Emory or RD. Being honest, do you guys all think coming to Emory was the right choice because obviously if you were accepted into Emory, you had a wide range of choices in colleges to pick from.
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  • pigsruleyoupigsruleyou 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I applied to alot of schools and emory was far and away the best i got into, originally I only applied because they sent me a lot of material, when it came down to the wire i visited the school and fell absolutely in love with it. I couldn't be happier with my decision but every person is different, visit the campus, talk to students, see if you feel comfortable there! You can't go wrong going to the school but if you get into emory you'll have lots of options! go to whatever feels right
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