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What are my chances?

hsjuniorhsjunior 9 replies4 threads New Member
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What are my chances for getting into Emory University? Please be honest.

Critical Reading - 600
Math - 690
Writing - 740
Total - 2030

(I plan on retaking them in October to boost up the Criticial Reading score)

US History - 690
Math IC - 660

Freshman Year - B+/A-
Sophomore Year - B+
Junior Year - B (taking AP's this year though)
[Note: I am at a very competitive private school that is known to be difficult and have had no final grades below the B range.]

French Honors (9,10)
AP US History (11)
AP Art History (11)
AP World History (12)
AP English (12, if accepted)

* All other courses have been mainstream (e.g. I am taking Pre-Cal and Physics this year). I have taken some courses beyond the normal requirement as well.

Editor-in-Chief of school newspaper (9,10,11,12)
President of a Caucus (11,12)
Wall Street Investment Club (9,10,11,12)
Debate Team (10)
Youth Group (10)

Cross Country (9,10,11,12)
Winter Track (9)
Tennis (9)

260+ hours

Camp counselor for past three summers

Community Service Award

Whichever school I apply to, I will definitely apply early decision. I am also not applying for any financial aid (not sure if this helps). I am caucasian and live in the northeast.
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Replies to: What are my chances?

  • vtoodlervtoodler 1867 replies244 threads Senior Member
    Your chances are not that great. However, if you can boost your SAT score a little bit, then maybe you would have a better chance.
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  • cookiemonstercookiemonster 133 replies1 threads Junior Member
    i second vtoodler. if you dont apply ed id call it a reach for you, bc of the GPA and SAT.

    oh you are applying ED. okay then you have a better shot, but i still give it a "eh". 65/35 shot (acceptance/rejection)
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  • dufus3709dufus3709 3030 replies22 threads Senior Member
    I wouldn't be too pessimistic. Your EC's are excellent. Your gpa was not presented as that high, but you said that your school grades hard. That means your class rank would be important as an indicator of what the gpa really means. Your SAT score is low for Emory, but a person's SAT can go up quite a bit over the summer following junior year. I would get some SAT practice exams and so some reading over the summer. Emory likes applicants to show interest in the school. Get the DVD tour, attend a presentation, and try to do a campus visit. It is easier to be admitted during ED. If you are deferred, you can try again to get the SAT score up.
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  • elpresidenteelpresidente 56 replies6 threads Junior Member
    EC's are regular. Youre from the NE. I think youve got a chance at ED if you really really show interest in Emory. Visit and write to the admissions office. They like ass kissing. That might get you in. Really a toss up though, and more and more people are applying each year, so definately go ED.
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  • vtoodlervtoodler 1867 replies244 threads Senior Member
    yeah, I agree with elpresidente.

    Emory's acceptance rate is decreasing each year. In 2003, it was around 42%; in 2004, it was around 39%; and this year, it was around around 36%. Because Emory is getting more competitive, applying ED would give you an edge.

    hsjunior, are you a URM? If you are a URM, then make sure that the admissions office knows that.
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  • hopeful1hopeful1 598 replies71 threads Member
    Any idea what the acceptance rate was for ED I and ED II this year?
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  • elpresidenteelpresidente 56 replies6 threads Junior Member
    vtoodler, where did you get this year's admissions numbers?
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  • dufus3709dufus3709 3030 replies22 threads Senior Member
    EC's are in the right place. The only EC's that adcoms will flag on the outside cover are Captains of teams, Editors of yearbooks/newspapers, and Debate club. When you look at the EC's, sports, and community service together, I think it is very good. You do need to develop a "hook" to distinguish yourself from the pack.
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