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This is intended for any student at emory who is familiar with spanish placement. i am just wondering what is the level that most entering freshman get placed into after having taken spanish throughout highschool and taking spanish 5 a.p. senior year but not taking the test. i was placed in level 212 and i am wondering about the approx. level of difficulty and the students that usually place into the class. ty
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  • copper45copper45 167 replies15 threads Junior Member
    That's what I was placed in and it turned out to be great. Most are placed in that, and if you're placed in 215 or 300 you should take 212 first.
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  • bergssbergss 29 replies7 threads Junior Member
    i placed into 300 and will be taking that first semester freshman year, despite all the student reviews that the course is very hard. i'm taking 300 because i plan on minoring in spanish, and 212/215 don't even count as courses towards the minor, only 300 and above. so if you're looking to get your way out of the language graduation requirement, take the lowest level as possible. but if you want to minor or major, 300 is the first class that starts counting.
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  • copper45copper45 167 replies15 threads Junior Member
    I planned to minor or major in Spanish too, and I took 212 - found it to be very helpful. I would recommend taking it and not killing yourself in 300 unless you are very good at Spanish. For perspective, I got a 4 on the AP exam and decided to take 212. One semester that doesn't count toward your requirements won't ruin your four year plan. By the way Bergs, are you from Fairfield?
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