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Emory vs WUSTL

bccdhppybccdhppy Registered User Posts: 96 Junior Member
edited September 2010 in Emory University
I got in both Emory and WUSTL. I am planning to major in pre-law or business, please comment on both schools regarding the pre-law and business.
Many thanks in advance
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Replies to: Emory vs WUSTL

  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    "WashU was my safety school" is a commonly seen t-shirt on Emory's Campus.
  • DABEARS34DABEARS34 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    atlanta>>>> st. louis

    Goizueta> wash u business
  • bernie2012bernie2012 Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    Ironic shirt given that most students here get denied or waitlisted at WashU. Glad I wasn't part of that WashU craze.
  • el duqueel duque Registered User Posts: 310 Junior Member
    St. Louis sucks but if you wanna work in the midwest or even the northeast, WUSTL has better name recognition up there. If you wanna work in the southeast then Emory is better and I'd say both are equally unknown in the west.

    Pre-law is not a major.
  • Colleges00701Colleges00701 - Posts: 1,790 Senior Member
    Ironic shirt given that most students here get denied or waitlisted at WashU. Glad I wasn't part of that WashU craze.

    hahaha dude I think thats the reason most of them wear that t-shirt, because they want to feel better about their rejection/waitlist. ahhaa

    I was waitlisted by WashU =(

    Most of all, I hate the kids here who wear the t-shirts of Emory's peer schools (ie Northwestern, Duke, Cornell, Brown).....******bags.....
  • bernie2012bernie2012 Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    I know, I can see Duke, as there are probably lots of people from the Carolinas who like Duke basketball, but the Harvard, Yale, Princeton stuff is annoying. Hopefully they got those shirts for free, you know, before being rejected or they have parents that went. It just shows so little school pride. It's almost like advertising yourself as a reject in some cases. When I go over to Tech, I see almost everybody wearing Tech gear. Same with many other good schools (or even lesser known schools). And one can't merely say, "it's because they have sports".
  • aireginairegin Registered User Posts: 205 Junior Member
    Wow, people actually wear other school gear at Emory? That's just a bit stupid.

    I'm only going to buy school gear when I actually get to the school. Plus I heard there was a curse that if you wore another school's t-shirt/hoodie before getting in, then you were bound to be waitlisted/denied.
  • icfireballicfireball Registered User Posts: 317 Member
    Ironic shirt given that most students here get denied or waitlisted at WashU. Glad I wasn't part of that WashU craze.

    That's only because WashU plays crazy Jedi mind tricks with their admissions. I have a friend who got into Harvard and wait-listed at WashU. WashU is well known for rejecting candidates they think are too well qualified for WashU and will likely enroll at better school in order to improve their matriculation rate. WashU also has a "pre-application" whereby if the student fills out their basic contact information they are considered an applicant that WashU can reject, even if they never formally apply– this is all an effort to reduce their admit rate.

    DABEARS34 said it best:

    atlanta >>>> st. louis

    Goizueta > Olin School of Business
  • nelly0nelly0 Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    I will agree that Atlanta > St. Louis but Goizueta > Olin? Seriously? They are definitely peers in the world of business schools. USNEWS ranks the MBA programs for Olin and Goizueta 19th and 27th, respectively. BusinessWeek ranks the Olin and Goizueta MBA programs 28th and 23rd and undergrad 7th and 13th (undergrad rankings are dubious, Wharton behind UVA and Notre Dame? Right...). Also, I guarantee Olin has better placement in major financial centers such as NYC and Chicago (about 1/3 of the graduating class goes to each city every year). I understand this is the Emory forum and school bias is prevalent but try to be objective. The decision comes down to where you want to work after graduation and fit. NYC/Chicago = Olin, Atlanta/South = Emory.
  • bernie2012bernie2012 Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    Yeah, I never understand what governs regional job placement when it comes to business school and the MBA programs, so I didn't want to comment. Like, in this case, if they are peers, why is WashU much better at placing in the larger financial centers? Just seems not to make much since. If Emory's MBA rank ever surpassed theirs or tied in the future, would it make a difference? Is it proximity to such job markets? You know, St. Louis is closer to Chicago for example. Or does their school simply have stronger connections to these cities? With that said, wouldn't a person in the MBA program in Atlanta perhaps have more affluent opportunities that gain them experience right in town? Then again, I suppose a student at WashU is perhaps more likely to take an opportunity in Chicago which would look more prestigious and establishes a direct connection to the city before time of permanent employment. I have no idea. If it isn't any of those, perhaps my idea about employers relying on rankings to some extent is true. Or is WashU truly better at "placing" in these areas, or do students there only want such markets, so pursue it, whereas an GBS student may be satisfied with what Atlanta offers so decide to stick around, thus giving the perception that WashU is better at placement, when in reality less students at GBS aim for NYC or Chicago which also brings into play the regional demographics of the student bodies attending (you know, if GBS has more southerners, those students are probably less likely to even desire NYC or Chicago). This is really tricky business here (seriously, no pun intended). I don't get it. Are the employers in this field really that shallow?

    Anyway, this person was curious about undergraduate programs, so job placement shouldn't matter that much at this point. If interested, they need to worry about that when applying to an MBA or graduate program. You already cited that the undergrad. programs are comparable. If I were them, I would just visit both and find out which one feels best for them. I believe the two of us are similar. Different architecture and location though. Don't know if the student body is that different. I would admittedly prefer Atlanta to St. Louis. If you are an architecture whore of some kind like my friend and love classical/gothic architecture like that offered at the peers, don't come to Emory. Considering it's location in Atlanta, the architecture is most random. Looks completely different from the peers.

    As for pre-law. Emory is apparently one of the best at placing students into law school and has a really solid political science and history program if you are interested. Now, with this said. Why only pre-law and business? Why must it be two "pres"? Hopefully you'll broaden you're horizons when you get to your school.

    *I bet you went to WashU lol.
  • bernie2012bernie2012 Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    Ah, I see. Apparently this person's (this was actually a parent) fin. aid package wasn't good, so they will not be attending. This doesn't matter anymore. I don't really think they were interested anyway, b/c they apparently just gave up after receiving the package. I still am curious about how the placement thing works though.
  • caltannercaltanner Registered User Posts: 540 Member
    Personally, I would totally go to Emory instead of WUSTL

    even its name is way better
  • JoshEmoryJoshEmory Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    I wanted to comment on wearing other schools gear. While I wouldn't wear it to classes at Emory, I do have a ton of Duke stuff in my apartment. Only because, like said be a previous poster, I'm from North Carolina. I'm transferring from a college in North Carolina and Duke has been my basketball team of choice since I can remember. But Duke is considerably different than most other top 20 schools in the fact that they actually have an amazing basketball team which consistently wins and has a nationwide fan base.
  • bernie2012bernie2012 Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    Yeah, Duke makes sense dude. I like them, even though I enjoyed seeing them being defeated by Georgia Tech lol.
  • dgeblldgebll Registered User Posts: 478 Member
    I think a lot of people still root for DI schools, since there is no football team. I love Emory and still wear stuff from other schools that I got for free, bought when I was younger, or am a fan of their football team. Similarly, you'll see lots of ****s and things from schools that people went abroad to. Not really an issue with disliking Emory... a t shirt is a t shirt, especially when you don't have quarters to do laundry. Or haven't run out of underwear yet.
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